Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It was TOUGH Day!

This is the ocean out in front of my home the first picture is looking to the left of my home and the second is looking to the right towards Laie . I found out today that we are not closing escrow in Idaho until the end of December!! so it is Christmas in boxes...but a friend of mine reminded me to be creative and that it could always be worse, and then a friend said bust out and make some christmas cookies!! it was tempting but i am still trying to get some weight as I walked out to this spot on the shore..I was taken back by the overall beauty of the day..truly it was lovely. I put my feet in the warm and clear. Yes it could always get tougher..I was glad to be soothed by the weather and the warm sand that clung to my feet as I headed back to my house full of boxes..oh well!! we will get through it....we always do..PS tomorrow is Travis's 19Th Birthday! wow..I love you my Son!

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  1. I miss the islands. I miss the beach. I am not a fan of lakes. Yet here I am with my family making use of our time in Minnesnowda. Christmas in boxes? Look at the view in the front of your home again. There's Christmas. Forget about the boxes for a while and know your blessed.

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