Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Missing Paris...

This is a collage of our 2ND trip to Paris in November 2005. I wanted to post these photos since I just came across them and I realized I hadn't written about it. This trip included France and Belgium. The majority of our time was spent in France. We stayed at our timeshare in Paris and we rented a car. We drove everywhere!! Loved it!! The open markets are definitely a favorite. Paris is a city that I am most happy to walk almost anywhere.
Our first trip to France included the South of France , the Riviera and Northern Italy. I had my perfume made in Grasse at Galimard . It was on my Bucket List and I am still thrilled to of been able to of done it. I named my Perfume... Queenie... I can order it online and also get it in shower gel and body lotion. Really fun!! Walking along the river, dinners at street side cafes,chickens roasting at the open markets and the drippings from the chickens flowed down into a pool of potatoes happily bathing in the hot juices.The Museums , Parks ,Architecture,History just overwhelmed us with their beauty.
A dinner cruise along the river in Paris was magical, and the accordion players leaning on the bridges as you walked by watching the Artists paint.
The Crepe Carts were so fresh and always available to serve up a delicate treat sweet or savory.
Standing in line at the Eiffel Tower and listening to all of the International languages....just a few highlights of Paris ...I love Paris....don't you?
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  1. I have been there twice and I thought in was a very beautiful city. I went with some friends and I love how care free it made me feel. The food was alright but I'm a rice person, so I think anywhere in Asia was more fitting for me = )

    It's definitely a romantic city and I'd recommend it for any newly married couple. So much to see and explore.


  2. I have not been to Paris....But would... My mom & dad had been.... & while back...they got me lovely souvenirs..... I still have them....I loved them....& that was how I was introduced to Ninna Ricci Perfumes.... Lovely & romantic...they smell...

    Celebrate!!!! & ENJOY!!!!


  3. Ok now I am all excited again about Paris 2011!!!! I wish you could have stuffed me in your suitcase when you went! Love the collage!!!


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