Thursday, December 17, 2009


Our 11 year old Makinsee had to have a Gingerbread house from scratch this year! We baked the gingerbread, made the Royal icing, and had all of the different candies to decorate.We did a FHE night so everyone could be a part of it! I think we have watched to much Food Network because our end product was nothing like we had imagined and we were all glad that we were not being timed or judged!! but we did have fun taking turns, the left side of the roof broke off, the right side caved in, and so on. Aubree and Al had voted to eat the house during the middle of it's construction,Nana was there to assist and oversee the project. 3 rounds of royal icing and 5 lbs of candy.Aubree announced that she would be taking off the roof for her cereal in the morning!! I think Makinsee conquered her task overall .Travis was not home to participate he went to the BYUH FHE last night, but we missed him even though we are glad he is doing the College thing. There was still fun to be had by all and Makinsee was happy.I think I had better study up for next year. Al said my ginger bread dough was to tender, causing it to cave in it's construction,the look on my face told him volumes he said"but it tastes really great!!". So goes the Williams Ohana Ginger Bread house-turned older COTTAGE...for Christmas 2009...Aloha
this is the obvious back of the Gingerbread cottage, you could tell that...right?
Travis came home and asked"is this fair game to eat?" so it must not look too bad..hahahaha
We should of added a few surf boards, but she was clearly feeling more traditional and all eatable of coarse!:))


  1. I am partial to the softer ginger bread myself. May not hold up too well, but it taste really delicious.

    Doesn't look so bad to me, especially since it's homemade. Who wants a boxed gingerbread memory?? Homemade so much better and tastier = )


  2. I just posted the recipe if you need it!

  3. SWEET! With a capital "S"! I have always loved the cottage feel don't yoou ???? :) That is making me really excited for ours on Monday!!! Thanks again for the recipe!!! OMG! 6 days left!!!! heehee


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