Friday, December 18, 2009


Makinsee at 11 yrs, 2009

Grandma Dottie at 11yrs ,1947

THE COOKIE CUTTER COLLECTION and cookies in the background.....

and I had a great time with the Gingerbread recipe. We used it to make cookies as well as the Williams Ohana house/cottage. So as we pulled out the cookie cutters that I brought from Grandma Dottie's house, I realized that these cutters were really quite vintage and in very good condition. I researched on the net to see just where they might fit in the history of things and it seems they are from the late 40's early fifties. Dottie's Mother Eleanore Wiberg Klein was a fabulous cook. Dottie loved to cook but was ill alot of her married life, so I knew these had to of been from Grandma Eleanore, her Mom's kitchen. Therefore this makes three generations of Cookie Cutters that have survived, so in the Honor of these three women in our family who loved the culinary arts also, I salute them and commit to the continued collection for Makinsee and her kids to have. It was really good quality time with Makinsee, she is excited to bake and loves the kitchen .Good times to be had this Holiday season and of coarse the rest of our family is enjoying the holiday treats too. We think you are awesome "GG"


  1. What a wonderful bit of your daughter's history to be passed on. I wish I had something to pass on like that.


  2. You have family history running through your veins!!!! I love that you will pass on these traditions!! I love the pictures and connections to your relatives!!! You Rock!!!! Love your blog!!!!


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