Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Connor is so FUNNY!! OK,I send Connor and Makinsee out to the garage to get the Christmas lights out for decorating and the next thing I know, he is into Grandpa Rogers Navy Uniforms from the Korean War!! Connor absolutely loves these uniforms and is thrilled that they fit him perfectly.The scary part is that Connor is only 14 and Roger was 18 when he wore these.Wow Roger was very thin or Connor is a moose or both! Anyway, we all had a good giggle and Connor liked them so much he had me wash the white sets(3).So there I was washing Navy uniforms that are 50 years old or so?.I told Connor that he is not to get any crazy ideas about the military until he has finished school at least . Boys??... give them a uniform and they go nuts!!! loved it though, I'm sure Roger had to be around for this one. I know he loved Connors enthusiam. We sure miss Mom and Dad.Fun to keep their memories alive, especially through the kids. Connor will not be setting sail anytime soon...but we love his humor! funny kid! Anchors away.....


  1. That is so cool that you get to keep those memories of your heritage. Your son looks so serious. I saw the picture and thought you were going to post about one son leaving on a mission, while the other heads off to the navy. Boys are funny, aren't they?


  2. Hilarious! Love your blog !Soooo cute and ccol music!!!! I love how its laid out!!!! So fun to blog!!!


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