Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Utah has truly made us feel at home.......
We have had a wonderful journey since we left Hawaii
Al is building his business with Larry Miller Corp
I have worked for Estee Lauder for the last 2 years ,
Retail has reaked havoc on my feet, I have a few physical issues
with Plantar Faciitis and a bone spur in my right foot.
So I am at home and not working at the present.
Out Travis is returning home in a week
 from his Mission where he has served  2 full years
in Spokane Wa, speaking Spanish and Marshallese.
We are elated to have him home!
Aubree won Miss Utah Teen 2011 and now works
for Tokyo Disney as Cinderella,Ariel,Belle
and also resides in Tokyo making a bundle
Connor turned 16 and is driving and works for Mega Plex Theaters
Makinsee has finished Junior High, has a babysitting clientele
 and is also looking forward to a fun summer in San Francisco.

here are some photo highlights from July 2011 to April 2012
 Travis and companion baptizing a family
 Lovely Aubree as Miss Utah Teen 2011-2012
 Our handsome Connor 16 and on top of the World

Here is our beautiful Makinsee, almost 14...going on 20...hahaha we love her 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

catching up!!! from March -August 2011

No more HIGH SCHOOL for our sweet Aubree 

3 generations

we love NANA

Our awesome Missionary on the left
Elder Travis Alan Williams
due home April 2012

Here is my Birthday boy who turned the big
"50" this year on July 22, 2011
he still bakes my cake!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Our life's journey From September 2010 to March 2011

Mitchell Bertell Van Wye Died 9-18-2010 my Brother was 54 :( heart attack)
our snow covered castle in Utah
Connor is dreaming of sand and warm clear water...hahah

 Elder Williams  loving the snow  in Washington, Spokane

 Aubree Ann in her Senior photos for 2011....

Making new friends with Aubree's Missionary Ferron and his cousin Marley and families....soooooawesome!

this is Miss Marci who is writing our Missionary Elder Williams, she is now going on a Mission as well..she will be home 4 months after Travis! :)

Here is our Connor who has now hit 6'1" and undefeated team at Alta in Sandy, "THE HAWKS"
Yes this sums it all up with our soon to be 13 year old Makinsee...

and life is still ever changing.....we move through it the best we can.....it is all in the JOURNEY....

Thursday, August 19, 2010


We still can't believe that we settled in Utah!!!
Everyone asks the BIG question???
Why in the world would you move to Utah coming from HAWAII??
I guess that is a logical question , but for us it is all about being in the right place. When we moved to Hawaii we moved everything and planned to stay. Unfortunately with the economy and the harsh realities that the kids did not enjoy being a minority even though their Hawaiian Heritage says otherwise.
We arrived in Utah for some family reunions and to enjoy the summer, all the while looking for housing back in Temecula,California.
We had work in Utah reveal itself and every encounter with friends and family always seemed to end up in the same conversation beginning with "Why don't you move here to Utah?"
Even our son Travis who is on his Mission said he would love to come home to Utah!!!
Did I mention that my husband and I swore we would NEVER!! live in Utah....EVER!!
I am still eating our words but to our surprise we are really enjoying it here.
The kids are all ready for school on Monday, Connor is playing football with Alta High, and our home is lovely,the area is so beautiful and our Congregation is truly sweet!! Our neighbors have welcomed us so kindly, it has been wonderful!!
Did I mention that I live in UTAH!!!!!!!!!!
We have lots of friends and family that live in Utah, it has been a joy to visit over the summer and reconnect with those we love.
I have missed my blogging friends, I am so sorry to have been absent for so long.
I am grateful for the new friends and sweet adventures that have happened to me in my move from Hawaii.
This is the first time in our 21 years of marriage that we truly feel blessed to be in the right place. I really would like to not move ever again. The kids need to all finish school and have a sense of roots and home.
As for me, Hawaii is not just home but it;s in my blood and it is with me always.
I;m sure on snowy days I will wander back to the 42 steps from my door to the gentle creamy sand and clear turquoise water lapping up on the shore and washing over me feet to greet me. Balmy,breezy night with plumeria teasing my senses....it will be in my heart forever....
and I am so Grateful that Utah has said to us "E KOMO MAI" WELCOME......

Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Sun is setting for our Adventure in Hawaii...The Land of my Father

And so it is that we are leaving Hawaii at the end of June. I have started to pack up the boxes and prepare for my Family to relocate to Southern California.....

I came to Hawaii to Honor my  Hawaiian Heritage and the Land of my Father ,that he was taken from over 65 years ago and he never did return because of the loss of his Mother that he never was allowed to see or talk too once he left the Islands with his Father and brother, both young under the age of 10.

The tragic story of my Father's journey , being torn from his Mother through an ugly divorce after Pearl Harbor was bombed and relocated to a cement jungle in San Francisco, far from the warm clear waters and gentle breezes and the sweet kisses of his Mother is what brought me home to Hawaii.

Since My Father died after I was married and had never returned to the islands, I felt that if I ever had the opportunity, I would come to the place where he treasured in his heart and honor him, through teaching my children the beautiful things of the Hawaiian Culture. This would be the ultimate ALOHA to my Father and Grandmother and the ancestors before me, to Honor them, to do there genealogy and to stand as a witness that they lived and were always loved, no matter how far the sea separated them.

I thought I was here in Hawaii to stay, but I know that our move back to the mainland is the right move. I will be forever grateful and honored for this exquisite experience...
and it isn't goodbye to Hawaii...only ALOHA O'E until we meet again....

Friday, June 11, 2010


When I was in Utah in this past April, I was invited to bring my crazy group over to visit childhood friends of my Husbands, The Mangome's. We were invited for Sunday dinner. We had 6 people in our group. They had 8 people so, it was quite a party! Now, my Husband Al knew Suzanne from High school days and I knew Mark from High school days. But I had not seen Mark in 30 years. So, upon our invitation we arrived with flowers and a lot of chocolate cake. The majority of the group consisted of teenagers ages 12-22 and 4 adults, it was a blast to be with them.
As I was enjoying this homemade Italian dinner that began with an antipasti, crusty warm garlic bread,lasagna from scratch and shrimp scampi in garlic butter....ooooohhhhyeah..it was divine. Travis , my son and Aubree's boyfriend Ferron and Suzanne's son Tyler had a contest to see who could eat the most Lasagna!!

Well my son Travis won with "14" slices. Honestly I was embarrassed when I realized he had eaten that much. Mark and Suzanne thought it was the best thing ever and Travis was instantly bonded with the Mangomes!!  He is now the Lasagna KING!
This photo shows the results of 14 servings of Lasagna!!
So as we visited over desert, Mark looks at my hand and asked why I was wearing his wife's ring? The story of how we got our rings were a little different. Suzanne got hers for an anniversary and
I got mine from Al as he was trying to get out of the dog house!

this is the Mark and Suzanne, they have 5 beautiful children, Nick,Tyler,Goose,Bella and Connor. They were wonderful to be with and ended up spending more time with them before we left Utah. It felt like being with Family that we had been missing for so long.
We are looking forward to seeing them this Summer....
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Friday, June 4, 2010


This is Aubree Ann our oldest daughter. Aubree is 17 and this was her first Prom. Aubree was invited to attend her old High School Prom in Preston Idaho. She was invited by a friend that she had known for the last three years.This Prom was to be their first date, when they met they were to young to date, so this was going to be their official first date. Now traveling to Idaho all the way from Hawaii was a long way to go just for a Prom!Aubree came to me and asked if this would be possible. Her Dad and I decided that if she was willing to earn her way and pay for her plane ticket by working for it, she could go.She agreed and said she was up for the task. Aubree had 3 months to earn $800.00 for her ticket.Yes $800.00!! Aubree negotiated with a special Family that we love and they agreed to let her babysit their 3 children exclusively and that she would be on call for them every weekend and week night that she was needed for the next 3 months. They agreed to 80hrs of child care and Aubree did it!!We were so excited for her and very proud of her diligence to work and earn her way.About one month before she was due to leave for this exciting adventure across country, Her Prom date text her and informed her that his new girlfriend did not approve of him taking Aubree to the Prom . Needless to say Aubree was devastated !! She was mostly disappointed and hurt that he had thrown their friendship aside for a new girlfriend. Aubree thought they had a real friendship and she found that this was not the case after all.So,being the Lioness that I am over my cubs, I called this young Mans Father to inquire about this decision and the Father felt that the new girlfriends feelings were top priority! So I closed the conversation by thanking him for the knowledge that He and his son clearly have no honor or respect and that we were clearly better off by not engaging with them any further. I was so hurt for my Aubree, but she gave this situation alot of thought and she decided to still take the trip since she had earned her fare and she would be with me and Travis to drop him off for his Mission in Utah anyway.Preston, Idaho is a very small town and our best friends still live there that we had planned to stay with during the Prom weekend. The word got out as to what her Prom date had done and another friend of hers called her and asked her if she would consider him as her date ? She was glad that she had another invitation so quickly and that she would be happy to accept.So we were packed and ready to leave with Travis to take him to Salt Lake City and then to head up to Idaho for the Prom.Now did I mention that Aubree has been talking to a young man who is my friends nephew, through all of this Prom Drama and he lives in Salt Lake City. So her plan was to meet  him for the first time while we were in Salt lake with Travis. Well they had been chatting for 5 months total before they were to meet on our trip. She was nervous and hoping it would go well.OK, so we get to Utah and our best friends from Idaho come down to Salt Lake to spend the week with us getting Travis ready for the MTC. Aubree's friend arrived to meet her and all of us and especially her older Brother who definitely wanted to give an approval of this new friend.  Well he passed with flying colors and turned out to be a wonderful guy, he also is leaving on a Mission to Atlanta Georgia in August. Aubree and her Friend were together every day while we were in Salt Lake City, we all enjoyed his company and She was in Heaven with this new handsome sweet guy that started out as a pen pal or text pal , and now has all of her attention!!!Well what about this Prom in Idaho? Oh yes, her new friend was aware of her Prom Drama and he drove all the way up to Idaho to spend the weekend with us after she was done with her evening at Prom.Yes, he waited with us while she was at Prom and we had a great time....Do you think they hit it off or what? lol..well I can tell you that Jake her Prom date was very nice and treated her to a very enjoyable evening....and the "Cou De Gras"was that the EX-Friend who had the new girlfriend came to the Prom and Aubree was fine, she handled it all with dignity and courage, she looked lovely and she came home from the Prom Happy! She did not let the Ex-friend get to her, she rose above it all and she got a Prince charming who was waiting for her return......they are still chatting every night by phone and she is hoping to see him off for his farewell for his Mission in August......whew....THAT WAS A TRIP TO REMEMBER!

,All's well and ends well!It was a trip to remember