Monday, February 28, 2011

Our life's journey From September 2010 to March 2011

Mitchell Bertell Van Wye Died 9-18-2010 my Brother was 54 :( heart attack)
our snow covered castle in Utah
Connor is dreaming of sand and warm clear water...hahah

 Elder Williams  loving the snow  in Washington, Spokane

 Aubree Ann in her Senior photos for 2011....

Making new friends with Aubree's Missionary Ferron and his cousin Marley and families....soooooawesome!

this is Miss Marci who is writing our Missionary Elder Williams, she is now going on a Mission as well..she will be home 4 months after Travis! :)

Here is our Connor who has now hit 6'1" and undefeated team at Alta in Sandy, "THE HAWKS"
Yes this sums it all up with our soon to be 13 year old Makinsee...

and life is still ever changing.....we move through it the best we is all in the JOURNEY....


  1. Into every life some rain must fall...

    I am so happy to see you back, but saddened at the loss of your brother. I'm his exact age; a dear friend of mine, roughly the same age, just had a heart attack last week and was just an hour ago released from the hospital. Too young, way too young.

    But your family is amazing. You have every right to be one proud mama!

    From sunny beaches to shoveling snow - what a difference a few months makes!

    Hope to see around more!

    PS If you have time, drop in on our friend Nezzy. She could use some hugs right now.

  2. I'm so sorry about your brothers death.

  3. Beautiful family. So very sorry about having to say good bye to your brother. He was a handsome guy!!

  4. Sounds like you are busy. Sorry to hear about your brother - my heart goes out to you.

    I had the same question, "why would you move to PA from Hilton Head, SC??" I wondered myself but love it here now. Glad to hear you are sending out a sister missionary - I was one and loved it!!


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