Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Utah has truly made us feel at home.......
We have had a wonderful journey since we left Hawaii
Al is building his business with Larry Miller Corp
I have worked for Estee Lauder for the last 2 years ,
Retail has reaked havoc on my feet, I have a few physical issues
with Plantar Faciitis and a bone spur in my right foot.
So I am at home and not working at the present.
Out Travis is returning home in a week
 from his Mission where he has served  2 full years
in Spokane Wa, speaking Spanish and Marshallese.
We are elated to have him home!
Aubree won Miss Utah Teen 2011 and now works
for Tokyo Disney as Cinderella,Ariel,Belle
and also resides in Tokyo making a bundle
Connor turned 16 and is driving and works for Mega Plex Theaters
Makinsee has finished Junior High, has a babysitting clientele
 and is also looking forward to a fun summer in San Francisco.

here are some photo highlights from July 2011 to April 2012
 Travis and companion baptizing a family
 Lovely Aubree as Miss Utah Teen 2011-2012
 Our handsome Connor 16 and on top of the World

Here is our beautiful Makinsee, almost 14...going on 20...hahaha we love her