Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April Showers

We have had an incredible amount of Rain this season! Hawaii seems to be sunny and rainy all in the same day, pretty typical.But this season has been especially wet. We went to the beach on Saturday all of us except Al, he had to work.But Saturday was a picture perfect Hawaiian Day.82 degrees, slight breeze, water was turquoise and clear. The next 3 days absolutely poured sheets of rain.This bird of paradise is a reminder to me how fabulous the Hawaiian Islands are.Even when it pours, it is still the most lovely place to be.Paradise....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Miracle Moment

So why am I writing about this! Well last Saturday, April 11, on my sweet Traci's Bday, I had a client walk into my office as I was working floor duty at the time and inquire about this listing we have!He is from New York, staying in Honolulu for 6 weeks and wants to buy a home. He is interested in this home and a few other one's we have as well. And when I asked him his range, he said"I don't have one" So that was my MIRACLE MOMENT!!! I am scheduled to show him multiple properties on the 22nd, next week.!I am calm, cool and FREAK"N STOKED!!!
It is every Realtors DREAM CLIENT!! who doesn't have a range? I'll tell you who, multi bazillionares who can buy what ever they want when they want and THEY DO!! Pray for me!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Heat is ON!!!!

Well this photo is NOT me but it sure is how I feel!!! why because I am blogging about my new Health program.I have decided to only show the after pics. No Before pic's but this phot makes me laugh.Anyway, I have an 8pd. loss in 6 days so far.I am really excited!!

I am drinking a gallon of water a day, 2 protien drinks 1 in the am and 1mid day and a salad, and a healthy dinner with the family!

Ok, did I mention the 2 mile walk every night at 5:30 with a few friends from my ward. That has been a great support to meet up with other people, it would be so easy to velcro my toosh to the couch and chill!!

I will reach my goal by Sept 30th of this year! I will be going to SLC to get my Mom and I want to see if she recognizes me?

I haven't done this regime since 2000 when I lost a hundred pounds after having all the kids!! I actually lost a little to much weight, but trust me it didn't take long to adjust that problem.

And so, I will try not to bore everyone with the weight loss drama and this is not to make anyone else feel guilty!! I just thought if I blogged it than I am really committed to it now!!

It is interesting how the kids a re reacting to it also. They really want Al to get on the program, so he can live longer and feel better. It is so easy to get out of shape and not eat healthy! yeah me and the rest of America!!

Well, I feel better for blogging it and wish me luck, I will check back in at my 20 pound mark!

So goodbye chubs and hello Hunnie!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Will I Survive These Teenagers????

It seems to be so very Bitter Sweet....somehow finally getting them all to an age that they are old enough to have some fun with me and have good conversations seeming like a very sweet time, but then it becomes only a moment!

The next thing I know I am referee with flying arms and legs keeping them all in separate corners . As soon as that quiets down the cell phones are ringing from text messages coming in, Who has to be where, who needs a ride, who can catch a ride, who's picking up who,who needs to be dropped off oh and my favorite "what time will you be home"?

My wallet has become an open invitation for what ever the need is at the moment! Bus money,gas money,lunch money,movie money,taco bell and every other fast food that crosses their path and of coarse the ever famous 7-11, how can they not have pork hash or musubi? For you mainlanders who would never consider eating fast food at a 7-11, only in Hawaii do they cater in hot local food, at first I was very afraid!! but surprisingly, it really is good and fresh, but don't try it anywhere but Hawaii...and don't forget"do you have any gum?"

No sooner I find a quiet moment at home where I don't have to be anywhere or do anything, there is a thump of the base on our surround sound vibrating the walls as loud as possible coming from the digital music they are playing on the flat screen? Now I have always loved music, and I know how to shake it!!! but, do you think these teenagers enjoy Mom dancing? oh no, they laugh and then scream out as if to be in pain, MOM WE HAVE NEIGHBORS!!!

How about when we are arriving home from work and they all want a friend to come over! OK, that sounds fine, but then as soon as we agree, Al and I are asked to retire to our bedroom where the other wide screen is so they can have the family room to entertain!?!? you know I never thought to have the party at my house when I was a teenager, but then again, my parents would of never given up the family room

We love that they want their friends to come over, and we really wouldn't have it any other way.

It is a good feeling when they are having fun just hanging out at home and comfortable to have friends over too..

I love it

It really becomes interesting when the 2 younger ones have friends over to play wii or xbox or guitar hero, then somehow they all seem to join in no matter what the age... but then the raid is on my refrigerator..last week I baked 4 loaves of bread a pan of rolls(30) 4trays of blueberry scones with a lemon glace ( 30),1 large bundt carrot cake with butter cream glaze and 4 dozen chocolate choc chip cookies, you know the chewy buttery kind. It looked like Christmas came early! OK, gone in 2 days, the third day left a trail of bread for toast and a slice of cake, but that was it!Wow, Al was amazed, he gets no special treatment when it comes to any leftovers, it's every man for himself!! I said, hellooooooooooo they are teenagers, and the girls can eat as good as the guys!! Their friends ask when I am baking? soooo love it!!

Not sure I am going to have an easy time getting thin and cooking for the Army but it's all good because I honestly know that this is such a brief moment in all of our lives, to share this time together, before our family changes again, Travis graduates,leaves on a mission, Nana comes home....and so life changes again, never to be the same, but that is what being in the journey is all about.. accepting change and enjoying the moments...because that's all we really have..

And life goes on.....