Friday, November 27, 2009


OK, this is the crew that headed to the Mall today to shop during Black Friday...They had Al's Cadillac and doesn't it figure the starter goes out! Travis happens to be the Captain of the crew as Al and I stayed home to relax and enjoy some traditional leftovers!!yum..anyway
all the kids were stuck together as Travis had to go to the Sears automotive center and negotiate the repairs to the car! with a few phone calls to Al, Travis managed to coordinate this motley crew of shoppers, feed them and keep them all happy and together while the car was fixed and then drove them all safely home! Travis was very pleased with his successes of this adventure as well as his excellent shopping buys of the day!! who knew I raised a man that could multi task???Well as I thanked him for his good works I couldn't help but smile with gratitude that he managed this and did not lose his temper!! I guess he is a little more like his Dad than I realized. It was a very interesting experience and due to my BMW in the shop for repairs as well, it left me feeling a little helpless, but Travis really did manage well I am definitely noting this miracle moment and thanking HF for watching over them!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Missionary Maddness

Ok, here are a few shots from our Missionary home comming with Nana.She really had a wonderful time in SLC ,we were able to attend here mission reunion for North Chicago in Provo, dinner with family in SLC and more family up in the Canyon in SLC,shopping at Steinmart and rounding it out with General conference, just to name a few highlights, her arrival in Honolulu was a warm salty breeze and clear skies.So good to have her home! this is my October 2009 entry...just a little late !Aloha

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Club'n it!!

So fun to BBQ with friends at the Kaneohe Bay Yacht club! We were all together and we really had a nice time..time seems to be ticking by for Travis, he has his papers turned into the Bishop,we are awaiting the final interviews before they are submitted to Salt Lake. I wish he knew how much he will be missed, but time is the best teacher in many ways. The evening was very nice and we Thank the Kehauolopua Family for including us. We hope to see them again before we leave. Mahalo

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

California here we come..right back where we started from!

TEMECULA,CA begins 2010
Yes it looks like we are waving Aloha to our island of Oahu at the end of is bittersweet for me, how blessed I feel to of been able to be here in Hawaii...The highlights for me are as follows :
We arrived April,3 2008...I was blissfully happy, I will never forget how I felt that day. I was home to live in the land of my Father.The excitement within our family was truly joyous!! it was a new chapter..a new friends...a fresh ocean with warm water and cool salty breezes..The Temple...the beach...BYU Hawaiian genealogy..the beach...exploring new places..and luxury real estate... Yes it was the dawn of a new time in the Williams Family truly in Paradise. The real estate was fun while it lasted..the economy took care of that party!! I joined the BYUH Womens Org and I absolutely loved it..I was voted in as 2008-09 Vice President in chair for 09-10 Presidency. It was not meant to be for leading this fine group of Women in 09-10 but I am so honored to of been in the VP role and to be a part of their service.I was also inducted to the Daughters of Hawaii for January 2010. I am honored to be a part of this group as well, one must prove their Hawaiian lineage to be a member.Travis swam with Dolphins became an Eagle Scout and graduated High School and turned in his Mission papers, Travis & Aubree joined a modeling agency in Honolulu, Travis also coached BYUH Cheer.
Aubree turned 16 and had her friends at a hotel sleepover and swim party in Waikiki, Malia, Mahie and Summer they are great friends. She cheered & coached for Kahuku H.S. cheer, she took Stats for football for Damian High School a private school, she learned to dance Tahitian and Hula, learned to speak Hawaiian and got her permit to drive and . Connor played for Pop Warner and Kahuku JV they won the state Championship, he learned to surf ,speak Hawaiian and got his Patriarchal Blessing. Makinsee joined a youth choir, learned to surf,snorkel and photography, she made lots of new friends swam with Dolphins and learned to fish.I too swam with her and the was magical...Nana came home from her mission here and relaxed and slept in for a change...she loves the beach and the sun,good books, movies and computer solitaire. I am not saying goodbye...but Aloha...for the islands will always be home for me....