Friday, November 27, 2009


OK, this is the crew that headed to the Mall today to shop during Black Friday...They had Al's Cadillac and doesn't it figure the starter goes out! Travis happens to be the Captain of the crew as Al and I stayed home to relax and enjoy some traditional leftovers!!yum..anyway
all the kids were stuck together as Travis had to go to the Sears automotive center and negotiate the repairs to the car! with a few phone calls to Al, Travis managed to coordinate this motley crew of shoppers, feed them and keep them all happy and together while the car was fixed and then drove them all safely home! Travis was very pleased with his successes of this adventure as well as his excellent shopping buys of the day!! who knew I raised a man that could multi task???Well as I thanked him for his good works I couldn't help but smile with gratitude that he managed this and did not lose his temper!! I guess he is a little more like his Dad than I realized. It was a very interesting experience and due to my BMW in the shop for repairs as well, it left me feeling a little helpless, but Travis really did manage well I am definitely noting this miracle moment and thanking HF for watching over them!!

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