Friday, June 4, 2010


This is Aubree Ann our oldest daughter. Aubree is 17 and this was her first Prom. Aubree was invited to attend her old High School Prom in Preston Idaho. She was invited by a friend that she had known for the last three years.This Prom was to be their first date, when they met they were to young to date, so this was going to be their official first date. Now traveling to Idaho all the way from Hawaii was a long way to go just for a Prom!Aubree came to me and asked if this would be possible. Her Dad and I decided that if she was willing to earn her way and pay for her plane ticket by working for it, she could go.She agreed and said she was up for the task. Aubree had 3 months to earn $800.00 for her ticket.Yes $800.00!! Aubree negotiated with a special Family that we love and they agreed to let her babysit their 3 children exclusively and that she would be on call for them every weekend and week night that she was needed for the next 3 months. They agreed to 80hrs of child care and Aubree did it!!We were so excited for her and very proud of her diligence to work and earn her way.About one month before she was due to leave for this exciting adventure across country, Her Prom date text her and informed her that his new girlfriend did not approve of him taking Aubree to the Prom . Needless to say Aubree was devastated !! She was mostly disappointed and hurt that he had thrown their friendship aside for a new girlfriend. Aubree thought they had a real friendship and she found that this was not the case after all.So,being the Lioness that I am over my cubs, I called this young Mans Father to inquire about this decision and the Father felt that the new girlfriends feelings were top priority! So I closed the conversation by thanking him for the knowledge that He and his son clearly have no honor or respect and that we were clearly better off by not engaging with them any further. I was so hurt for my Aubree, but she gave this situation alot of thought and she decided to still take the trip since she had earned her fare and she would be with me and Travis to drop him off for his Mission in Utah anyway.Preston, Idaho is a very small town and our best friends still live there that we had planned to stay with during the Prom weekend. The word got out as to what her Prom date had done and another friend of hers called her and asked her if she would consider him as her date ? She was glad that she had another invitation so quickly and that she would be happy to accept.So we were packed and ready to leave with Travis to take him to Salt Lake City and then to head up to Idaho for the Prom.Now did I mention that Aubree has been talking to a young man who is my friends nephew, through all of this Prom Drama and he lives in Salt Lake City. So her plan was to meet  him for the first time while we were in Salt lake with Travis. Well they had been chatting for 5 months total before they were to meet on our trip. She was nervous and hoping it would go well.OK, so we get to Utah and our best friends from Idaho come down to Salt Lake to spend the week with us getting Travis ready for the MTC. Aubree's friend arrived to meet her and all of us and especially her older Brother who definitely wanted to give an approval of this new friend.  Well he passed with flying colors and turned out to be a wonderful guy, he also is leaving on a Mission to Atlanta Georgia in August. Aubree and her Friend were together every day while we were in Salt Lake City, we all enjoyed his company and She was in Heaven with this new handsome sweet guy that started out as a pen pal or text pal , and now has all of her attention!!!Well what about this Prom in Idaho? Oh yes, her new friend was aware of her Prom Drama and he drove all the way up to Idaho to spend the weekend with us after she was done with her evening at Prom.Yes, he waited with us while she was at Prom and we had a great time....Do you think they hit it off or what? lol..well I can tell you that Jake her Prom date was very nice and treated her to a very enjoyable evening....and the "Cou De Gras"was that the EX-Friend who had the new girlfriend came to the Prom and Aubree was fine, she handled it all with dignity and courage, she looked lovely and she came home from the Prom Happy! She did not let the Ex-friend get to her, she rose above it all and she got a Prince charming who was waiting for her return......they are still chatting every night by phone and she is hoping to see him off for his farewell for his Mission in August......whew....THAT WAS A TRIP TO REMEMBER!

,All's well and ends well!It was a trip to remember


  1. What a beautiful girl! I hope God will reveal the "why" to you of moving. But if not, you know you can trust Him!
    Thank you for your lovely comment.

  2. What a great story!!! A true Cinderella story. Aubree looked so beautiful! Can't believe how fast they have grown.

    Brent and Laura Riddle

  3. What a lovely young lady, so glad it all worked out for her.

  4. Oh my word....what a story! Your daughter is a stunner dear Queenn B., and I see how much she resembles you! It is so nice to see you come by! Thank you, thank you, so much for leaving such kind messages and I wish you a fabulous summer. May you stay well, happy, and may your darling daughter continue to find joy in working hard towards her goals and never giving up. She is beautiful as well as I am sure she is kind and generous.


  5. My dear Sweet friend~A note to say thank you for befriending me and encouraging me to keep at it.I am enjoying blogland and all the great peeps I have met along the way.ALhoa!

    Your daughter is beautiful and what a sweet love story! Sounds like she had an amazing time.Memories, how wonderful.~Cheers Kim

  6. Oh my word! I can't believe how this all happened! You are such a good Mom.. teaching her to earn things... and also watching over your cubs! :)

    She is SO beautiful! Any prince would be lucky to have her as a princess! :)

    So glad to hear from you! I have missed you lots! XO

  7. Hi Brandi,

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. What a pretty daughter you have!!! When I look at your family photograph I think she resembles you a lot.

    Happy sunday!

    Lieve groetjes from Holland,


  8. Hi Brandi!

    My goodness, your daughter is model gorgeous!
    You must be such a proud mama!

    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Oh my, both Makinsee and Aubree are GORGEOUS! And they both look so much like you.

    That prom dress is to-die-for. And such a happy ending to story that might-not-have-been.

    You are incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful family.

  10. A great big ALOHAAAAA Brandi!!
    It's been too long girlfriend. You are a busy girl. I hope all is going well. I hear you are moving, so that is a big task all by itself and then to have to pack a house and move it across an ocean!! Yikes:(

    Oh young love. It's so nice your absolutely gorgeous daughter, Aubree (who looks EXACTLY like you BTW) had a happy ending to her prom story, which I have come to know as "Prom-a". Yes, we had Prom-a here and I am guessing it is probably more common than we realized. When my daughter was getting her hair done, the receptionist was telling me how ugly girls can be. They have had mean girls call pretending to be the person with the hair appointment saying they needed to cancel it just so the girl wouldn't look good for the prom. It just surprises me what length females will go to to destroy a day for someone else. It is despicable. My mind can't even think that way. Where do girls learn this stuff and where is their conscience to live with themselves with those kind of actions? Shame on the parents for raising them that way (some even encourage that kind of behavior) Look at the father of Aubree's first date seeing nothing wrong with not honoring your word. How do you expect the child to not think it is wrong when the parent doesn't think so??????
    We encountered a lesson in honor as well. I don't get how you cannot honor your word. If you tell someone you have committed to something, you should follow through with it even if it is painful. No one wants to feel uncomfortable anymore, if it feels the least bit yucky, then run. That is the message that is sent and I don't agree with it in the least. People only seem to care about their own feelings and not those of others, especially when it is their actions that are affecting those others. I will have to fill you in on the details of our situation. These are all lessons we learn growing up. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, so they say. So many lessons were learned by Aubree on her journey to the Prom. So glad you made her earn the money to go. I wonder how many kids wouldn't have wanted to go through with everything if their parents had paid for that ticket They always say you learn and grow the most through adversity. I'm sure your daughter learned a lot about herself (she's got to be proud of how she handled herself and the situation) and learned a great deal about others by the way they handled the situation. You hate to tell your kids that people will disappoint you along your journey on this thing called life. You don't need to tell them, sometimes people will just show you. Sometimes people surprise you too, in a good way, like the 2nd prom date that stepped in. She really got a great dose of life lessons all wrapped up into one event. I am proud to see how her "new" boy handled himself as well. Even though those darn proms DO cost a fortune, you can't put a price tag on all the great lessons she learned from that whole prom event.
    I'm sure you're glad that whole fiasco is over, It takes a HUGE chunk out of the parent as well. As you said the Lioness in you came out, you can't help but want to protect your young.
    I hope all is going well for Travis. I'm sure you're worrying about him too :)
    Good luck with the packing and moving. Keep me updated on everything with the move. Thanks for coming to say hello, your visits are always enjoyable!!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!!
    Looking forward to your next visit :)

  11. i just want to wish you all the best in life esp. to your family.................................
    live your life to the fullest and always be merry.............

    please do click my blog and please follow me........

    I like reading your blog so much...
    keep it up....


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