Friday, June 11, 2010


When I was in Utah in this past April, I was invited to bring my crazy group over to visit childhood friends of my Husbands, The Mangome's. We were invited for Sunday dinner. We had 6 people in our group. They had 8 people so, it was quite a party! Now, my Husband Al knew Suzanne from High school days and I knew Mark from High school days. But I had not seen Mark in 30 years. So, upon our invitation we arrived with flowers and a lot of chocolate cake. The majority of the group consisted of teenagers ages 12-22 and 4 adults, it was a blast to be with them.
As I was enjoying this homemade Italian dinner that began with an antipasti, crusty warm garlic bread,lasagna from scratch and shrimp scampi in garlic was divine. Travis , my son and Aubree's boyfriend Ferron and Suzanne's son Tyler had a contest to see who could eat the most Lasagna!!

Well my son Travis won with "14" slices. Honestly I was embarrassed when I realized he had eaten that much. Mark and Suzanne thought it was the best thing ever and Travis was instantly bonded with the Mangomes!!  He is now the Lasagna KING!
This photo shows the results of 14 servings of Lasagna!!
So as we visited over desert, Mark looks at my hand and asked why I was wearing his wife's ring? The story of how we got our rings were a little different. Suzanne got hers for an anniversary and
I got mine from Al as he was trying to get out of the dog house!

this is the Mark and Suzanne, they have 5 beautiful children, Nick,Tyler,Goose,Bella and Connor. They were wonderful to be with and ended up spending more time with them before we left Utah. It felt like being with Family that we had been missing for so long.
We are looking forward to seeing them this Summer....
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  1. I could go for some good italian about now. :) Maybe even 14 servings worth!!

    Also, I changed my blog address today. It's now

  2. I think it is so fun to visit with old friends, especially with a bunch of teenagers around to entertain! 14 servings of Lasagna kind of makes me feel sick ha ha!
    Funny about the rings:)

  3. Greetings my dear Queen B - I was thrilled to get your comment & have been trying like the dickens to catch up with all my favorite blogs such as yours. I was shocked that your wrote you were returning to California but can understand as well. Life takes us on paths unpredicted and I'm trying so hard to just go with the flow & not question and doubt so much. I can only imagine how difficult it may be to leave beautiful Hawaii, but I know you are strong and have your faith & your sweet family. My heart goes out to you & will pray for a smooth transition for you all.

    Life here seems to be upside down too, just don't know what to think? But, will keep reading and following along the way.

    Hugs to you xoxo deb

    p.s. - spied your posts regarding your daughters. Could your kids (all of them) be any more gorgeous?!


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