Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Favorite Gift ...

This Tile was made by my youngest daughter Makinsee, she is 11 almost 12.
You see I started a tradition with my children from the first moment they started school. As they would be ready to exit the car and walk into school as kindergartners, I would say"Remember who you are" and then I would say "Who are you"? and they would smile or grin and say "A Child of God" "bye Mom"
That is how I began every day dropping them off at school or where ever they were going .It became a ritual that I have always continued. Now that Al works from home a lot he takes the kids to school and lets me sleep in. So I do not have those moments with them as often. So on Christmas morning as we were all opening gifts, I was quiet and very tired but enjoying the Christmas fun taking place. Makinsee handed me her gift and as I opened it...I broke out in tears...her sweet spirit of kindness and love towards me just knocked me off my feet...and I was already sitting!!! I wish my camera was better to really show you the tile, but I thought it was most important to share this gift on my blog since it is my family journal. Makinsee reminded me that these few words we would share meant something to her and it meant something to me.How I loved this Gift, the special reminder, As a Mother, I live for these moments and she reminded me of who I am. I hope we can all go into the 2010 New Year remembering who we are...Aloha
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  1. What a lovely thing to say to your kids! I think kids mimic the best and the worst in us as parents. Seems to me, your kids are picking up all the sacredness of the bond you have with them. I think the relationship they see you having with their grandparents have formed the same family ties in their generations. What a blessing to have your kids know the importance of what you have instilled in them.


  2. Here back in India, it is said that..... "The water that is showered on our head, only, drains down to our toes..."..... Meaning....You reap what you sow...... Values are passed onto your generations, though the generation has a thinking of its own... let us give them the base they need to think with.....

    God Bless!!!!!

    Happy Celebrations!!!!

    Wishing You & your family a very happy year ahead....


  3. Love it our youngest just seem to always make us smile!! Love Ash's comment on the saying of being showered, I will remember this!!

  4. That is just lovely, isn't it nice to know what we say to our kids does sink in. Followed your link from Tablescaping and really enjoyed visiting your blog space, full of all kinds of interesting things.


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