Monday, December 28, 2009

Sisters in Paradise for 2009

 My Mom(Kathy or Nana as she is known to us) had a surprise visit from her eldest Sister Julie from San Francisco on Christmas Sunday. We were able to get to church early and so I caught a moment of them on the church bench together. I thought it was interesting that Kathy has the exact coloring of their Mother Bernice , lovely white hair and Julie has their Father Julian's dark hair. I grabbed the shot of them and thought it would be cute to show that how the generations continue even in coloring, they love their time together and we really enjoyed visiting with them. As the evening came to a close, Aunty Julie and her husband Jim were able to catch a standby flight on United back to San Francisco. So, My eldest daughter Aubree who is 16 and ready for her license offered to be the chauffeur for the airport. I was designated to be the assistant chauffeur and we had the three Seniors in the back seat of the Cadillac. Nana on the left side Julie in the middle and Jim on the right. The ride to the airport is about 30 minutes. and as the conversation began amongst the Seniors in the back seat, I noticed that each one had a tight grip on the over head grips above the window on each door and Julie seemed to be white knuckled on the front seats where Aubree and I were very comfortable in the front seats and enjoying the ride. As a turn came up to enter the airport freeway, Aubree was going a little fast and had to adjust her speed during the turn, it became very quiet at that moment and we all exhaled and were happy to of survived the merge onto the highway with no casualties. It was actually a fun excursion and they arrived in time to catch their flight. Definitely a memorable experience for these fun seniors who all love to drive still have their licenses to drive and do!! It was great for them to allow our new driver to spread her wings on the open road at night with 3 back seat drivers and all over 70!! It was a great accomplishment and I thought she conquered it well....You Go Aubree!!!
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  1. That must have been quite the driving adventure for the grandparents. I remember letting my son Marley drive us a few months ago as I sat in the back seat with the sister missionaries. That will be a once in a lifetime memory as my soon took the round about at top speed, the sisters screamed and I ordered him to the side of the highway, so I could finish the drive to the Stake center.

    To this day he keeps saying, "Mom I'll drive. You drive really fast too, why do you worry when I do it?" I reminded him that I am an experienced driver and have never gotten a ticket. He needs to take his chances on the winter beater he drives. Not my car.

    Sounds like your kids are fortunate to have their grandparents share in their lives. No worries Sistah. I am sure we will meet up one day. Our church affords us that opportunity because the gospel is personal. Now how many churches do you know can actually say that??


  2. That is Hiliarious!!! The fact that you and aubs were totally content is the best ... and the silence in the back seat says it all!!!!!!
    Gotta keep practicing those turns!!!

  3. Hurray to all.......I guess it says it all.....

    Happy Celebrations!!!!

    Wishing You & your family a very happy year ahead....



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