Monday, December 7, 2009

Awesome Sunday in Paradise...

Today, on the way home from church, my son Travis said "Why does the ocean always look better on Sunday"? I thought maybe because we take the time to look and appreciate it rather than knowing every other day of the week we can be in it and on Sunday we observe it.Hmmm??
On Sundays I try to make comfort foods and delicious desserts for the kids to look forward to. It is a day to worship and spend quality family time together. Today we had Kalua Pork and cabbage, rice, potato,caramelized onion and bacon casserole. Cherry cheese pie and Rocky Road fudge pie. Everyone loved it and had a second round after their naps from breaking our fast! We love to watch AFV & Extreme Home makeovers never fails, when it gets of the kids always checks to see if I am balling too!! Every time like clock work they love to tease me..I think it chokes them up too, they just like to turn the attention to me..that's OK, I love the show and it always feels good to think about the community and people who are in need. So we closed the evening with FHE and we discussed our upcoming Christmas plans. It was great to hear every ones thoughts and desires. I am looking forward to it. I had the kids take all the boxes to the garage, re arranged a few things and so there is plenty of room for a tree, they want to put the lights up after school tomorrow! So, Christmas in Hauula is ON!! Williams style...this will be the last Christmas that we will be all together for the next 2 years while Travis is on his Mission. It seems to make things all the sweeter. As excited as we are for him to set out on this awesome journey in his life, it impacts each one of our family members as well as our Family unit as a whole.Our Ohana is very grateful to have this time together in Paradise..Aloha nui loa

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  1. I know your heart is sad and joyful that your son has made this big decision to serve. Good luck to him. I will be sending mine out before summer 2010. I'm so sorry you have to leave Paradise that the Lord has sent you on a mission of your own.

    I have been in Minnesota for a little over 4 years and we really didn't like this place. TOO COLD and that's after doing 3 years in Alaska, lol. My kids did a few years in Samoa before coming here. Culture shock! Now we see that we have touched so many lives unknowingly. It's humbling.

    I may not have liked where I traveled to, but I did try to enjoy the journey Heavenly Father set in place for me and I learned to love it. Good luck sistah. I will enjoy reading about your journey and the life lessons learned by your son Travis.



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