Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Bucket List!

Yes It is true!! I have a bucket list that I have compiled and actually written out in black and white.Am I going to publish it on my blog?, well I haven't decided? I have however decided to share in this post that as of this week I have started to write a book that I hope to have published through DESERET BOOK Co.. OK, this goal of writing and publishing a book is on my Bucket list. I am really excited about it. I am trying to do a lot of research about writing a book as I write, so that hopefully it will be something worthy of publishing. My criteria is as follows. I am writing about what I know to be true in my life. So it is a non-fictional story of my journey in searching for my Hawaiian Heritage.My Father was half Hawaiian and half Dutch, born on the island of Oahu. His Father divorced his Hawaiian Mother after they survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1942. My Father was around 9 years old when he last saw his mother and the islands of Hawaii. My Father's journey in life without his Mother and Hawaiian Heritage present in his life, set me on my journey to uncover his past, the Mother he never knew and his lineage from the land of his Mother and my Kapuna(Grandmother). I too was missing my Heritage, I had to know who and where my Father came from. I am the link for my Hawaiian ancestors to my posterity. This opportunity is an honor...The name of my book is...
A Daughter Of Hawaii. That is all I can share for now.... All my Aloha

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  1. Good luck on this writing adventure. I will be tuning in to hear what's a buzz with your role in the Williams Ohana coming full circle.



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