Monday, December 28, 2009

I Could Live On Bread Alone!

I made these rolls for dinner tonight.My family loves them! I have been making these for 21 years. I got the recipe from a luncheon I went to, the Hostess gave me the recipe over the phone and explained how to do it. Well the first batch was not half bad, but after many years of making the rolls it has become a no brainer!! So please try this recipe and they are the best when you have your teenage Son  or daughter around to knead the dough by hand for at least 5 minutes!!! I have been making them for years with my Kitchenaide, but they are most tender when kneaded by hand they melt in your mouth!!.So if you have a teenager around...friend or relative...get them to help you and it is a great time to spend talking and catching up! They have fun too...Bon Apetite


  1. I love bread too.....I love them with or without anything to accompany them.....The ones that u have prepared are awesomely shaped & must be yum too...

    Thanks for all those kind words & love u shared on my post & blog.....

    Happy Celebrations!!!

    Happy New year to u & your family..... have a gr8 year of joys ahead,just for you.....


  2. Thank you so very much for this recipe. It looks easy enough for me to try tonight. It will give me and my son some time to talk after he gets off of work, but I probably wouldn't make him knead today. This will make a nice recipe to hamg out with my daughter and try as well, since school is out until next week.

    I could eat bread alone all day!



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