Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I was searching for the Navy picture of Al's Dad , Roger to add to the post I did on Connor.So, when I tried to open the filing cabinet that I had very carefully packed up from Mom and Dads house in South San Francisco with their photos,family history info, collections etc. Anyway when I inserted the key that I thought would open the cabinet I did not realize that when I was turning the key , it would break off int he lock!! did I mention that my Father in law , Roger was a lock smith!lol, yes I am sure he had a laugh, but Al wasn't laughing as I demanded that he get me into this cabinet at all costs!! So, out came the drill, tools flying and it was best for me to find something else to do, while this adventure was going on .Connor was brave enough to stick it out in the garage with Al.OK, so when the cabinet was free and at my disposal, I immediately came across this photo still in it's frame. I thought it was so perfect to put out in our Hauula home. How perfect for Mom and Dad to be dressed in island attire.I felt a little Christmas Aloha from them as I put it down in front of Al's computer. We miss them alot, they died 3 months apart to the day.Dad passed away at home from a stomach aneurysm on Thursday around noon, October 4Th,2006 and Mom passed in her sleep on January 4ht about 1pm in the hospital.She said she did not want her sons to lose both of their parents in the same year. So she kept to her word as she always did.It was Feb in 2006 that we all celebrated their 50Th wedding anniversary,they were very happy and it was a very nice evening.Little did we know that was their last celebration together here as Dad was gone by that Oct.!! funny how life is sometimes, you just never know what is up ahead, but we do know that Families are forever and the Veil is much thinner than we think! the photo from left to right , Al, bro-Mike, Dottie and Roger Williams Family. 2006.Aloha...


  1. These are great pictures you have collected to pass down through the generations. I'm so glad they went together shortly after one passed.

    I was raised by my grandfather and when my grandmother died, he waited 19 yrs after his wife to go and every night in our family prayer he would ask Heavenly Father, "If it be your will, I would surely like to be reunited with my loving wife." As I grew older, my heart use to break for him each time he said it. I knew how much he loved her and couldn't stand to be without her. Heavenly Father finally granted my grandfather's wish Christmas morning shortly after 12 midnight. Your story is strangely, a happy one of sorts.

    Families can be together forever and I am so glad that the gospel gives us that peace of mind and that the temples are here to do that work. Your kids and generations after them will be blessed by the legacy your good works.
    Nice to see breaking the cabinet open was worth it.


  2. OK, I'm balling here!! Wow how special was that!!! I think a lot of the small connection I had to Al's parents even after their death they are always a part of your lives and will continue to bless your family! Eternity is a beautiful word isn't it?? Love you!


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