Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Aloha ,
it has been trying to be able to catch up from having the flu! From what I am told living on the island for the first year or 2 can be hard building up immunities from all of the international traffic that comes to the island. I seem to get the worst of it in our family. The kids have all had sore throats or a minor cough but it will knock me down. Probably because I am usually the most stressed out of us all and I am sure that doesn't help!
So, I am back up and at it hard trying to catch up, the weather is drizzly with lots of wind, this week has been the coldest since I have lived here, huh, still high 60's is fantastic.
At work one of my associates had a turtleneck on, I tried not to giggle, but until you live Idaho winter, you really don't know cold.burrrrrrrrrrrr....
So grateful to not be there, and truly happy to be here. Work is going, we are praying hard for our building to sell in Idaho. We would really like to close that Idaho chapter! soon!!
My Mom is doing well on her Mission in Chicago.
Hoping for a successful week for us all....

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  1. hope you are feeling better! Went to the Night show at the PCC and thought I saw your oldest boy... dancing ...
    I told my husband.. I think we would all have a different attitude about going to work if we knew we had to do it topless.. those guys.. {whew} {wipe my brow}.... have some fit upper bodies!


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