Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ez Breezy Dayz

Today is gorgeous!, as it should be in paradise...
I have a touch of the stomach flu, thought is a 24 hr deal but no luck,
so I am resting trying to catch up. Al has his 7th escrow this year!! he is doing great, I love selling Real Estate here too!

The kids are looking forward to school being over in a couple of months.
Travis is excited for his Graduation!, he has his Eagle scout as of November 2008, and is preparing to serve a Mission for our Church at the end of the Year . He will return and attend a University of his choice, he is thinking of BYU Provo,Hawaii and University of Utah.
Travis is currently working construction for our neighbor,a coach for gymnastics at a local club and he is also coaching the JV Cheer team at Kahuku High School, he is dating a cute girl named Aubree she is a senior as well, she Cheers and is the Team Captain for the Tennis Team. She is fun and loves to be with Travis,she is a member of our church too, so it is great that they have mutual things in common.We are all feeling a sense of time passing quickly and we will not be the same while Travis is away, but we are so very proud of his decisions and who he has become.He really is a great friend a loving son and brother. I know 2009 is a year he will never forget.

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  1. Aww, Trav, I'm so proud of you. You blow my mind with how great of a young man you have become. I'm excited for your mission and the opportunity to go to college. If you go to Provo or Utah, just remember we're only 5 hours away and you can come visit any time you want. You always have a home here with us! And don't you forget, no matter how old you get, you will always be 8 to me! Love you guys so so so much. Hopefully we'll be able to honeymoon in Hawaii after the semester is over and get to visit with you! Aloha!


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