Saturday, March 7, 2009


OK, this is about Al on Friday!!
He goes to the bank and cashes a well awaited check for $2250. We are grateful for the opportunity to make a deposit in between 7 more escrows closing. OK,
so as the cashier is counting out the cash, she says her thanks and as Al is gathering the bills he says, you know you better count this again! She gave him a puzzled look and said why? and he said it's not right! So, as she counted out the hundred dollar bills she was irritated that he had questioned her,she counted out $3250. She thought the check said$ 3250, not$ 2250. so she was off $1,000.
She thanked Al for catching the mistake, but was bewildered at the same time.Not sure that she understood what had just happened and that a customer was making her take back $1,000.!!!!
So Al was on his way home and stops at a busy intersection ,5 o'clock traffic and sees a man with a small sign that reads HUNGRY. Al catches his gaze and the light turns green. He then gets a strong impression to feed that man. so with the strong whisper, Al flips a u turn pulls through MC' D's and gets him a Big mac meal. Still in a stupor thinking this guy won't still be there??? So sure enough Al pulls back up to the signal and this time the light is green, but he makes a complete stop, rolls down the window and holds up the Bag to the man. Al said he thought the Man was going to Cry, he humbly took the bag and thanked Al repeatedly as he cradled it like a delicate breakable and walked away....Not one car had honked, they all had waited patiently???
Al drove off with a beep and a wave, he then called me to tell me of his experiences on his journey home.
Well we all sat to the table together over dinner and listened to Al tell his tale of events to the kids. It was probably the best night we have had all together in a long, long,long time! Al said he felt tested the entire day, and he was so humbled by his choices, I think I fell for him, all over again, Darn IT!!


  1. Awwww...that was a really sweet story. So proud of your man and hey I'd fall for him again if he was mine...eheheheh. He's a great man, you should fall and fall hard for him again and no DARN about it. LOL.

    Thanks for sharing this Brandi.

  2. That is so inspiring! You know.. you hope and pray that when tough temptations come along- we'll do the right thing.. $1,000! That just shows his integrity is not for sale.
    Thanks for sharing that.


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