Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Clouds In The Sky....

Why is it that we always want clear skies? Today I am working at 909 Kapiolani and the sky is filled with these billowy white puffs that seem to float by... Gorgeous and yet some are lined with a little silver! could that mean rain? well we all know living here in Hawaii that rain is just part of the day. I love it, the mountains have an Emerald Green shimmer painted against the turquoise water is truly paradisaical!

I guess in the analogy of life, it could be said that we should maybe look at the things in our life that have clouds and why? Is to teach us,to irritate,hinder, or blind us.

Well I guess if we only choose to see when the sky is clear, then clouds will always be a problem.

But it seems to me that if we really stop!! and take a look at the days when clouds seem to be present and identify their purpose, then we have clarity no matter what!

OK that is my AHA moment of the Day!

I sure like this blogging, I actually look forward to it!


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  1. Careful Brandi, you might become an addict like ME...eheheh. Looks like you've been working on your blog...I like it.


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