Saturday, March 28, 2009


Wow, what a fun DAY!! As a Mother I actually took the time to smell the roses today and soak in the fun with my kids.

I had 4 hair appointments with Aubree's and Travis's friends to do their hair. Aubree did their makeup. Aubree is excited to go next year!

So, we had a wonderful time with the girls getting them ready, having their Mom's come over and be a part of the fun too.

Gosh time sure flies when you are having fun,but I took a moment to be grateful for the moments of laughter and watching all the kids joke and celebrate...Really a great time! The entire school gathered on the LDS Laie LDS Temple grounds to get into their Ultra Stretch Limos and take them to Waikiki to the Hotel for the Prom and then bring them back to North Shore.

actually got a call from the girls at the prom who loved their hair and they thanked me for the fun day! Well I'd say it was a success...

sigh of relief until next time.....Another Fabulous Friday of Beauty at it's BEST!! The Prom photos to follow....hopefully soon!

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  1. Brandi my are you? Missed ya in church today. Just wanted to drop and give you my big MAHALO for your fabulous job you did for Steph on Friday. You are the BEST girl!!


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