Friday, March 13, 2009


Would you believe both Connor and Aubree Speak Hawaiian?They are taking it as a foreign language in school.I am in shock that Hawaiian is now considered a foreign language?This shot of them Aubree took herself.Aubree is happy in front of a camera and Connor is happy to just be around pretty girls. Aubree always has her friends over, so Connor is in heaven.Connor is totally involved with Sports. He is the next Kahuku Raider!! That is everything here in North Shore. Aubree is back into Cheer for the High School. Travis is JV coach for the cheer team as well. The kids are really loving it here. I am so thankful for that.We are definitely in our journey.We are excited summer hoping to have visitors! Aloha and Mahalo


  1. Well, in the horse world to complete someone on their horse, we say " it is obvious by looking at him/her that he/she has a great Williams kids it is obvious you have a great pedigree! Add to that your solid foundation and upbringing, you are well on your way to an wonderfully blessed life...Enjoy! Note to Al: do yourself a favor dude and lock Aubs in the cellar, let her out when she is 70.....

  2. the word should be COMPLIMENT not complete, whoops!


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