Monday, March 1, 2010

Tsunami Evacuation in Hauula, Hawaii


Does this look like an evacuation or Camping with friends?
Well I have to say it was more like camping last minute with great friends and lots of music. food , laughter and lots of visiting.

We had someone pounding on our door at 5am!! We were packed for evacuation in 45 minutes, we also packed for any chance of robbery while we were absent with the evacuation. It took a bit of coordinating, but each family member really pulled together. I am so proud of my Family!!!We gathered for a family prayer before departing our home that may or may not be there if the tsunami hits?
We gathered at our church building,built up on the hillside of our little town of Hauula. The Bishop of our church was stationed at the bottom of the driveway entrance, greeting the church members and community
as the procession of cars drove into the safe harbor of the parking lot around our Church building.People had smiles and were genuinely happy to see each other.
No arguments, just team work. It was surreal, were we really going to have a Tsunami?? we had to be prepared for at last three days, food,clothes and water, tents,sleeping bags etc...Travis my oldest hooked up his stereo to his converter and his car battery and speakers, Reggae music began to move through the air and people were dancing as they walked by to visit!!
Even our Boxer Duke, relaxed in the back of our old Cadillac with Nana,with no worries.
As I took calls from the mainland of worried family and friends, they were startled at our ease and peaceful spirits! My dear sister Holly cried when she heard my voice,I was taken back at her fear? Then it hit me , we were really in an emergency, but we were truly fine!!
We were at ease , we were safe, together and grateful for our blessings. We could of been worried and fretting over what could of happened, but that would of only brought uneasy emotions and unneeded stress.So we spent the next 8 hours fixing meals out of our coolers, sharing with nearby friends and snapping pictures off and on.
By 2pm, we were given the clear sign to return to our homes, our being 42 steps from the water, it was a miracle and we had just lived through it!

As we waived goodbye to our fellow neighbors and church members, we all had such a huge sense of relief and gratitude for the blessings of the day of safety and the love of our fellow friends and neighbors.

As we got home, the kids were exhausted!!! The emotional buildup of a possible trauma had found it's peak and they all headed for their beds. Not before we unpacked of course. They grumbled a little but not too much, it was so nice to come home to peace and safety. As I walked in the door, I knew that our home was not robbed or visited by any unwanted strangers. This brought tears to my eyes as my mind raced back to July when we were robbed on a Sunday while being at church.

All was well and we were home
We gathered for Prayer to give our thanks for being alive and safe and together....
All my Aloha
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  1. I wish your family safety and happiness. So glad you guys are safe. Its been a real sad month. I pray for God to embrace us. First, Haiti, Chile, then Japan. God Speed! ~lulu

  2. Glad all is well! My daughter is over at BYU Hawaii and they were also woken up at 5:00 am - she was not happy - ha ha.
    We were on vacation on the beach in California and there was even a little Tsunami excitement there.
    So glad in the end it turned out OK for Hawaii.
    Still praying for those in Chile.

  3. P.S. I never even thought about the threat of robbery - I am so glad your home was safe.

  4. I'm glad things weren't worse and that you didn't have to be evacuated for very long.


  5. Oh scary but I love how your family pulled together and made the best out of hard situation, even having fun!

    I'm so happy to hear that all is well and you were able to return to the safety and comfort of your home!

    Big hugs and much love to you Sweet Friend!

  6. My Friend~I'm so happy all is o.k

    I love Reggae music, sounds like fun too!

    How scary for all of you.Lots of Love your way.~Kim

  7. There is so much happening..., I'm glad the predictions were wrong for Hawaii! What an experience!!

  8. My heart goes out to you and your family for the distress this evacuation must have brought to you all.I am glad you were able to return home safely without incident
    We are lucky here as we do not have these adverse weather conditions,earthquakes etc,something for us to thank God for and I do.

  9. What an experience! And to think that even in your haste, you had the foresight to prepare for robbery...thank goodness, nothing happened!

    Sounds like your entire community pulled together for what could have been a disaster; lessons could be learned here.

    Well, twin, another common trait - my sister's name is also Holly!

    Enjoy your ocean views; I enjoyed (hopefully) the last snowflakes of the season this morning, as we have 60's predicted for the coming week, and I hear buttercups are poking up just south of Nashville; hurry, spring!

  10. Tsunami evacuation is not even in my vocabulary and I can't begin to imagine!
    I'm so grateful you, your family and islanders are safely back at home.
    Have a wonderful day and some rest!

  11. That was a bit glad it turned out to be nothing after all...lots of crazy things going on in this old world! Come say hi :D

  12. Soooooooooooo happy for all of you!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. wow!!! I totally know what you mean. we lived in Fl and in 05 got hit by 2 hurricains in one month. everyone pulled together and it was such a loving and peaceful time! Im soooo relieved that your family is ok and that you felt peace, inspite of your circumstances ;) xoxo LA

  14. Oh baby, my prayers were with you when the warnings went out. I'm so happy your and your family stayed safe and sound. I was so relieved when I hard everything there was in the clear. Praise God, it could have been bad.

    Take care dear heart and have a greatly blessed day!!!

  15. I'm so glad that you are all okay and were able to stay calm during a scary situation.

  16. I found you through Lily, strange to see a lady more southern than me, geographically. I am your newest member of your oh so royal court. Hello and nice to meet you, from The Mississippi Gulf Coast, I am Lisa The Bumpkin.
    Can't wait to get to know you better.


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