Friday, March 12, 2010


This is "THE BEST BIRTHDAY " I ever celebrated. My Sister Holly came from Arizona with her Husband  Jim and brought their Harley's, we rented ours since we did not own any at the time. We have owned Harley's on and off, but we  have always loved to ride...This was the first time I rode with Al on my own. He likes me to ride with him, but It was time for my own ride!

I was raised on motorcycles from the age of about 7. My Brother raced dessert bikes and so my parents belonged to a racing club. We spent many weekends in The high desserts of California and Nevada racing. For me, being on a motorcycle is home away from home. The Rumble of a Harley underneath me just screams "Cool". It's not about  the speed, just easy rider. There is a certain sense of confidence that comes over you when you are on the open road. It's free open spaces and the wind in your face, it!
This was for my "40th". I was so thrilled to be with the people I love and cruise up the Coast of Southern California from Oceanside to Newport Beach on Highway 1 along the lovely West Coast.
We stopped at Olamende's  in Capistrano Beach for great Mexican food. It has been there since as long as  I can remember. We stopped in Laguna Beach for a cold drink at Las Brisas on the water. I worked there years ago as a cocktail waitress, oh yes, memories!

I truly loved this ride and the wonderful memories I will cherish forever. It has been six years since this ride and I haven't ridden since. It has been too long. Al and I are thinking we would love to ride here in Hawaii, but with 4 teenagers, our Harley dreams are still brewing.

Here is to the open road in Hawaii. This is a shot of the Highway out in front of my house ....
I'm thinking for my 47th this year in August....."LETS RIDE"
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  1. Looks like you had a fantastic time-what a great birthday gift! I wish I could have seen it!

    It was my sister Holly's birthday on March 11!

    Best wishes always,

  2. Brandi dearest,

    You are just gorgeous! The sunshine in your smile and in your hometown just warm me as I sit here in very early spring in Minnesota! Thank you for coming by and ENJOY YOUR DAY TODAY! Give it all ya' got.....and you will touch everyone around you with YOUR great attitude!

    Grosses Bises, Anita

  3. ....into the sunset....whether ride or walk!

  4. Sounds so good...and the long roads there would be so fun! We have lots of that going on in our family too and here, there is a big group that goes together...LOVE the Harleys, they are the best! :D

  5. Hello Gorgeous!

    What freedom and a wonderful way to celebrate your 40th! You look fabulous on your motorcycle my friend! I have never ridden a bike on my own but it's on my bucket list! Perhaps some day we can let the wind hit our face and ride down Pacific Coast Highway together. That would be fabulous!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Big Hugs,

  6. How fun! That would be a great way to celebrate.

  7. Freedom! Woo~hoo it Screams.Oh, My Man would be so soooo happy if I would hop on one of those.So much traffic out here though, makes me crazy scared.We'll see maybe I will be so brave! I hope you get to do it again on your special day.Let us know for sure if you do.

    Thanks for saying "Hello" your such a Sweet Person.Happy Friday~Kim xox

  8. Hey I live on the High Desert of California..My brother lives in Hawaii and is known for being the pirate because of the fabulous paint job on his Harley all pirates and ocean. Hey maybe you know him "Tim Callaway"
    Well anyways it was great visiting your site, by the way I was the big winner on KIM'S site "A Whisper To You" Blog The Ikea win, I was so excited it is my first win and I am a new blogger.


  9. How wonderful for you and your family. Looks like you guys were really enjoying yourselves.
    I always enjoy your post and seeing what your up to.
    Hope your having a great weekend

  10. Has it really been 7 years since then?!? I can't believe it. You do look pretty hot on a Harley so I think it's definitely the way to go this year. I'll be there in spirit, right?

  11. Aloha Brandi!!

    I love riding too!
    I have never been on a Harley.. but I used to be a bullet bike girl ( riding on the back ) and my husband is a dirt bike guy.. so we ride.. I so know what you mean about the freedom and the wind. :)

    I hope your next birthday is everything you want it to be!
    ((Hugs from Utah! )) ~ Ann

  12. It sounds like it really was a great birthday, doing just what you love! I'd have a hard time concentrating on the road with that awesome view!

  13. tes photos sont fantastique tu nous fais voyager avec toi c'est formidable
    pourquoi tu n'es pas venue récupérer ton prix de printemps chez moi
    bonne soirée

  14. Hi Brandi,
    How great you had such a great time on your 40th! I on the other hand am petrified of motorcycles, know too many people who have died or been critically injured on them, so it's no thanks for me. So, you my friend, puleeaze be safe on them!!
    We are the same age, so in a few days I'm gonna be 47...nothing that thrill seeking will be occurring, that's for sure. I'm doing a day trip to NYC with my friends,that's my kind of thrill!!!!!!!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful green day and I am so happy to hear you are safe from that Tsunami. (I was saying prayers for you that Saturday)

  15. How great does that look? Wind in your hair, riding along the coast...
    I used to live in Monterey, CA and would take drives up to Big Sur. So beautiful...
    I love your site! I have a love of vintage and French. I'll have to show you a few things from France that I inherited from my mom sometime!
    I'll be following along!
    Laura @ Enjoying the simple things

  16. Sounds like a great plan for number 47! It looked like ya'll had a blast on your 40th so the sky is the limit girl, go for it. Take pictures! You have a smile that warms hearts, sister!

    God bless and enjoy your weekend! Snowing here...Spring??? I don't think so...Heeeheehe!

  17. I was in the mood to go to I thought I would stop by :)

    You look great on the Harley!!! I used to love crusing on the back of my hubby's Harley when we were dating & before we had kids but now I am too scared! But I do miss it. Maybe when the kids are raised I will not be so scared but I would hate to miss out raising them :) SO for now I will just smile at your pics & remember what it was like to have my arms around my honey on a long drive along the Mississippi. Thanks! P.S. I think it is sooooo cool that you drive yourself! You are Totally the Queen B! :)

  18. Oh Queen B - you are speaking my language, strumming my tune, singing my song!! You look uber cool on a Harley & that ride is no doubt one for the books. What a great birthday indeed. You've ridden a long time & what terrific memories. Have you ever ridden Palomar Mt. outside of San Diego? There is a great biker bar there. My first visit I was a bit intimidated, but it wore on me after a bit. I haven't gotten on my bike for a few months & I'm ready.Nothing feels quite a good. To ride in Hawaii would be incredible, can't imagine. Thanks for sharing this great experience & your photos Brandi. xoxo


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