Friday, March 5, 2010

7 Secrets

I love this motivational message...
I am including this in my memoirs..
for the "loving people" in my life and my Future Posterity

Aim high in all that you seek
only the Best within you
Be cool in keeping your temper bridled
a balance in all things

Every minute is so precious
The time we have is today
and only the promise of tomorrow
Reflect before you act
Wisdom is in the reflections of your journey
See the world
Live Life like you mean it
chose for yourself,
do not let society define you
Be up to date
be present
be punctual
No time for regrets, say your sorry
Push hard to achieve your goals
a solid work ethic
By the sweat of your Brow
There in no substitute for

I think I should hang out in my room more often!

Sending you all warm Hawaiian sunshine for a successful weekend..
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  1. Such great words to enter the weekend with! And oh so true.... Have a wonderful weekend, Brandi! PS. Love this sweet music....

  2. Love this...every one a gem to think about! Have a good weekend...come say hi :D

  3. Great thoughts to start off my Friday!! Have a lovely weekend! -Suzanne

  4. Hello Sweet Friend!

    All such wonderful thoughts and qualities to live by! that word and what it stands for!

    Wishing you a wonderful blessed weekend!


  5. G'Day My Friend~Great words to Live by each and everyday.

    Always inspired when I stop by to say Hello!

    The Sun is out today, it's Happy Friday~ Life is Good.~Kim

  6. Always such a blessing to visit you! Love these 7 secrets. I need them in my home in every room
    I hope honey you are having a wonderful weekend and enjoy some of your beautiful surroundings for me..oh how I love the sea...

  7. Nice thoughts!

    Glad you survived the Tsunami - Aloha!!

  8. hello
    I offer a price on my blog to celebrate the arrival of spring
    good weekend

  9. Such wise words with much to think about Brandi. I think they are perfect to share with my children. Thanks for the Hawaiian sunshine, it worked for Saturday but not sure what happened today?! One day however is better than none, right? Hope your weekend was a lovely one too. xx deb

  10. bonjour
    je passe te souhaiter à l'occasion de la fête de la femme une très bonne fête à toi et à toutes les femmes du monde
    bisou et à bientôt

  11. Great advice! I wish that Hawaiian sunshine was coming through a little stronger. We're supposed to get snow tomorrow.

  12. Can I come over, you room sounds like the perfect place to be!!! Super advice for all baby!

    God bless and have a marvelous day there in paradise. :o)


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