Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Favorite Artist of Hawaii

This is the work of Kim Taylor Reece, He is my Favorite Artist in the islands of Hawaii. He has a way of capturing the essence of the Beauty(Nani) of the Hawaiian and Polynesian Culture.
I would like to have a few of his pieces in my guest room someday when I am retired and I can share with my visitors, some the finer things of Hawaii, the classic ancient  Hula is something to preserve and enjoy, it is the true center of Aloha.
all my Aloha


  1. The pictures are beautiful,I can understand why you would want some.
    You say he is an artist,I know the term "artist " can be used in many ways,but are these painted or artistic photography ?Please forgive me for asking,my sight is not so good these days,and I can not tell from the pictures.But they are superb.

  2. Aloha MY sweet Sista!!!
    You are waaaay too kind. I do not deserve all those kind words you have bestowed on me.
    My husband always jokes..."yeah try living with her" HaHa. He's so funny isn't he????? No, really all kidding aside, you are truly
    a kind soul and I feel blessed to know you. Thank you for kind words and wishes. It is always a pleasure to come visit you, your stories are so interesting and insightful. I feel like I am always learning something new about the Hawaiian culture and you and your family.
    Speaking of Hawaiian culture, those photographs are so beautiful, I can understand why you want some. Your guests would have such amazing artwork to enjoy on their visit. Even if you were ever to move and live somewhere else, you would always have a special memory of living in paradise.
    It is always a pleasure to come and visit you and I am always grateful for your wonderfully sweet comments you leave when you come and visit me. Thanks for being such an amazing,kind,sweet blog friend. I'm still holding out hope for our sunset happy hour in Cali with Karyn!!
    Have a wonderful warm and sunny day!

  3. What beautiful images, thank you for sharing them.

  4. Hi Brandi - this photography is beautiful and I completely see why you adore it. There is so much about the Hawaiian culture that I don't know. To be living your life in paradise must require pinching yourself daily to make sure it's real? Hope you, your husband and your sweet children are all well? Hugs from Houston xx

  5. Aloha My Dear Friend~Oh how I wish I could have some of your Homemade Chicki Soup, that is all I have wanted this last month.I wish you were closer too!

    Hope all is well with you and Family! Hope to get another treat out to you and your Girls.

    Love the Art! I love Art as well.His name is Kim sweet!

    Enjoy`Kim xox

  6. Oh, seeing that art makes me miss Hawaii! Hope all is well with you! -Suzanne

  7. I can truly see why he is your favorite artist on the Island. Wow these pictures are remarkable. How blessed he is to be able to capture such beauty in his art.
    Hope your doing well

  8. Just beautiful...I am sure that if you ever move you will take as much of all of that beauty with you! Come say hi :D

  9. That first photo is especially stunning to me.

  10. Hello My Sweet Dear Friend~I am Sending you a Beautiful Blogger Award! If you would like see me @

    P.S~I have a new beautiful Bambino at home and will post pics soon.~Cheers Kim

  11. OOooh, now this farm chick needs to release her inner Polynesian Princess. Secretly I've always wanted to learn the hula. Not much need for it down here on the Ponderosa. Think the cows would enjoy it??? Heeehehe! Beautiful pictures girl! You and your precious family have a wonderful Easter weekend.

    God bless and have a fabulous Friday.
    (did ya get my last email??? I have secured data...all systems go...over and out)


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