Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet Scents of Paradise

These are a few of the Plumeria's that grace my island.
Tonight ,as I walked out in my yard ,I could feel the ocean breeze gently pass by me. This rare "cool" breeze was accompanied by the sweetest scent of Plumeria....ahhh...hmmm..! It actually stopped me in my steps and I inhaled deeply to be sure I wasn't imagining it? I took another deep cleansing breath , looked up at the dark evening sky peppered with sparkling stars, I could hear the faint sound of the waves quietly meeting the shore. I completely submerged in the moment , it was truly magical. My front door is exactly 42 steps to the sandy ocean.It's a dreamy spot all in it's own way...
Stopping to take in the sweet scents of paradise was just what I needed at the end of a better day. My families safe return from the days events of  comings and goings from every direction was a welcomed relief. We closed our day with a  warm bowl of homemade Macaroni and Cheese,  tossed greens and a Ham Panini . Our family prayer was filled with hope and help for Haiti coupled with immense gratitude for all the blessings in our life. Focusing on just being grateful  in the now, for what we do have and not focused on what is lacking. Our Family home evening  was centered on Honesty. It is really amazing to listen to my young adults and teens discuss what honesty means to them and how it directs their lives for the good.
Tonight . " My cup runeth over with the sweet scents of Paradise".
I'm sending you all the sweet scents of paradise....Aloha nui loa


  1. Oh! How beautiful, both the flowers and the post. "My cup runeth over with the sweet scents of Paradise."
    Prayers for the Haitians tonight and always.

  2. That was a beautiful post! I can almost smell the scent over here. I love the smell of the Plumeria. 42 steps from the ocean? How blessed you are! How truly blessed you are! Aloha my friend! You are something very special! -Suzanne

  3. Aloha Sista~ Wow! Those flowers are amazing, I didn't even think about all the wonderful flowers you must have there.Pure essence.

    I hear you on a safe return home.When you have children and teens for that matter it is always a worry.I pray for many safe returns.Glad you had a beautiful evening.

    You should have gotten your pkg by now? I wonder how long it takes to get to you?

    I was having a bad hair day so pics of me were not so good.I have long curly dark hair, looks great from behind not so much from the front.I have a call into my hairdresser.Soon I will post a picture of myself.

    My Gram is doing much better they seem to think it was a reaction from the flu shot, not so good.

    Enjoy your day! I am off to buy a new dishwasher fun.Chow 4 now~ Kim

  4. Oh how lovely of a post and you honey are so beautiful just like the plumerias. Every time I open your site and see your picture of you and your sweet hubby it puts a smile on my face.
    These flowers are heavenly but of course as they should be since you guys live in Heaven. What a blessing 42 steps to the beautiful ocean. I would love it and every day I would be taking a lot of steps to the water. lol
    I grew up on the Gulf Coast and miss the ocean but that coast does not even compare at all to the beauty you have there.
    If I ever get to see your beautiful state I know that Ms Pearl would never come out while I was there.
    Honey you are the writer not I. This post makes you feel like you can smell the plumeria. I could never write that good.
    Love ya

  5. We should all stop to smell the plumeria *wink. Didn't get to try the scones, yet. I forgot about the long weekend and my kids scattered too.lol


  6. Hi Brandi - thank you so much for stopping by...I think these flowers are like frangipani in Australia? I miss the scent of them so much - I even bought some shower gel which is called Madagascan something or other & smells of it! Very warm wishes, Susie x

  7. un bel assortiment de senteurs, moi qui adore les fleurs je trouve ça magnifique
    bonne soirée

  8. Brand, what a lovely post! Your description and the music playing... beautiful. I know what you mean about the comfort of everyone arriving home safe and sound. I love the hymn 'all is safely gathered in, 'ere the winter storms begin..' Having our three young adults at home, I am also comforted when they arrive from their various jobs and errands. There's nothing sweeter. I could just lock the doors and keep us all here forever.. smiles....

    What a lovely heart you have, Brandi. I am blessed to have come upon your blog! mwah xx

  9. Ah, to be in Hawaii right now would be heaven! Thanks for leaving such kind words on my blog. I really appreciate it!

  10. Hi, I saw you on two shades of pink. So I thought I would hop on over and follow you. My hubby was born and raised on Oahu. We are headed your way Feb. 1 to spend some time with his family.

  11. Aloha, Brandi!
    Thank you for leaving a sweet comment!
    I´ve been in here too, and I like what I see, a lot!

    It´s an honour for me to one of the blogs at your sidebar!
    Thank you!

    Have a really nice week, and welcome back!


  12. Aloha to you, Dear Queen "B" and thank you so much for introducing yourself, on my blog. What a marvelous place you live in! And close enough to the ocean, to hear its music. -happpy sigh- Lucky you!

    I'm sure I'll love coming here and soaking up a a bit of your Paradise, by reading your posts.

    Gentle hugs...

  13. Can you tell I am sniffing my computer screen!
    Sigh....I wish I really could take a breath of those wonderful flowers - they are beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing a little of your paradise today!

  14. Hi Brandi,

    What a lovely and heartfelt post and I wish I was taking a stroll with you in paradise, smelling the fragrant Plumeria's.

    I'm glad to hear that your family is home together, safe and sound enjoying a meal together and counting your blessings!

    Love and hugs to you sweet friend!

  15. just found the site, gorgeous bed at the top of the page

  16. You are blessed. Thanks for sharing this 'vision' with us. For me it would be a dream come true...surrounded by two of my favorite things - fresh flowers and the beach just steps away. I appreciate your visit and comment on my last post.

  17. A lovely and heartfelt sentiment. Those plumeria made me long for Hawaii - every time I catch that scent I dream of Hawaii. It has been 3 years since we were lats there....and I am ready for a trip.

  18. I so loved having you become my newest follower on my blog. I have to admit that I could almost smell the plumerias as you wrote about them. The only thing I couldn't hear was the waves of the ocean.

    I have never been to Hawaii but the thought of it being 42 steps from your door sounds heavenly!!!

    Glad that everyone has made it home safe and sound.

  19. Such beautiful flowers and lovely post! Have a sweet day!

  20. is that like a frangipani!? They have the most divine smell! x

  21. You really do live in paradise,the sun and sea,all those beautiful flowers and beautiful people,it is very different to my world.
    Thank you for looking in on me,I hope to put up some photo,s soon of our mountains and local areas,so you will be able get an idea of my views.

  22. Man paradise and macaroni and cheese. Where was this Ozarks farm chick when God handed out the assignments 'cause life can't get any better than this! 42, steps to the ocean makes me just a little jealous. I have a couple inches of ice on my pool here on the Ponderosa.

    Ya'll have a wonderful day enjoying all your blessings!!!

  23. Oh, I wish..., you're so close the ocean. Gorgeous flowers!!

    Maya @ Completely Coastal

  24. Hey girl, I just wanted to thank ya'll for your sweet comment and hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope ya'll enjoy the ride! The Ponderosa is a large working farm so we have lots of land. Hubby has enlarged my yard three times so I could expand my flower gardens. I now have an acre or dormant gardens but oh, when spring comes! I have a rose garden with 38 roses. It's become and illness with me I have termed OCFD (obsessive compulsive flower disorder)!!!

    Have a great day and it was terrific meeting you!!!

  25. Thank you for sharing not only the sweet scents but your sweet words ... and a little bit of your world as well. I feel like I can almost smell the plumeria and feel the ocean breeze. :)

  26. I can smell the frangipani from here in Australia...We have just returned from a wonderful vacation in Hawaii and this makes me want to go right on back! Love your beautiful blog-mahalo!
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  27. You blog is for me no less than paradise. Everything here is beautiful and positive. You have the kindest heart and we are all the better for having met you.
    Warm regards my Dear and thanks for the sweet flowers, you have brighten my day.
    Take care until next time,

  28. I feel like I am there after reading this!

  29. You are so richly blessed! We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon two years ago, I can't imagine waking up to all that beauty each and every day.

    A beautiful post! :-)

    Have a great Thursday,

  30. These divine flowers remind me of my childhood - long summer days, sun and sand, the breeze at the end of the day ..... Thank you for this brief moment of beautiful memories! Leigh

  31. Aloha Brandi,
    What a beautiful post, as are all of yours, but not as beautiful as your heart! You are truly blessed in so many ways. You are such an eloquent writer who appreciates the simply beauty in everything you touch, see and smell. It's no wonder you are blessed by living in paradise, 42 steps from the beach, smelling those fragrant flowers with a wonderful family.
    I hear you about holding your breath until everyone comes home safely each day. There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank God for the safety of my loved ones, especially a driving teenager!
    I love your discussion about honesty. It truly amazes me that integrity and honesty have gone out the window along with a lot of other values anymore. It starts at home with these kinds of conversations like the one you had at dinner with your children. We are the examples and we need to show our children that WE hold value in these beliefs. If we don't care, how can we expect our children to? Thanks for being great parents and examples for your children, our future.
    I always say that I am worried about the quality of the next generation because I do not think they are being prepared properly by their parents. You and your family, my friend, are quite the exception.
    I was just watching Good Morning America and the story about Senator John Edwards came on as I was reading this post. Talk about DIS-honesty!! Now he's finally admitting that he fathered the child of his mistress. What a string of lies! Where do you begin? Mistress, love child, denial, betrayal...hmmmm, what a "quality person" we could have had leading our country. HA! It makes me sick. I feel bad for his children. Will this kind of bad behavior be the example for his children? It's such a shame. Where are we going in this world?
    I'm so glad there ARE good people like you in this world, who appreciate what you have, rather than those who feel privileged and entitled.
    Thanks for bringing us your beauty, from the inside and out & thanks for showing us your amazing family. You must be so proud. God blessed you for a reason:)
    Have a lovely and blessed day!
    Stay warm....I hear there's a chill in the air! HaHa

  32. Your Majesty, just sitting here reading this amazing article I seem to just feel so completely relaxed. I can just visualize your paradise perfectly. Wow! how your words just flow and soothe me. I have had one crazy busy week filled with so many orders and your article is just what I needed to sit back and reflect on my own humble home and family. Thank you for sharing this peaceful message with all of us.

    Royal wishes,

  33. Hi Brandi,
    I have a Happy 101 Award for you over on my blog. It's a thank you for always being so sweet to me and making me happy when you come to visit me!

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  35. Beautiful post and beautiful pictures.

  36. Ooooh, what a beautiful post...I can just smell the flowers! I'm lovin' your blog...so I'm going to follow along with you:)


  37. Dear Your Majesty
    I just found your blog via Une femme d'un certain age. Loving your plumerias- I'm in Australia and they grow like crazy in my garden but here we call them Frangipanis! I like the float the flowers in large bowls of water. Cheers, xx


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