Monday, January 11, 2010

My Kinda Blues....

Heirlooms... from three generations of  lovely ,leggy, Blue eyed dazzles from the roaring 20's through 2008.
Exquisite Eleanore , daughter of  Elegant Anna...and Mother of
Divine Dorothy, these three women are the Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother to my Husband.
The striking commonalities of all five(including my husband and youngest daughter) of these cherished loved ones is their  Blue eyes .
All three of these women who have graced our past and honored us with their memories, also loved sporting the fashions of their eras.

 Anna in the 20's and 30's and 40's, Eleanore in the 40's and 50's and 60's
Dorothy in the 50's and 60's ,70's and 80's and 90's.
Since Dorothy is my Mother in Law I knew her the longest.Every one of these lovely beauties had great  sense

of style and charm.
Dorothy recently passed in 2008 but not without leaving behind a legacy of love for her posterity to cherish and enjoy.
I have recently come across these photos saved from Dorothy's family files.

I am so very grateful to have them and document them for our posterity . I love Family History and Genealogy, it's one of my passions. We believe families are forever, so along with these classic photos of bygone eras are pieces of heirloom jewels that were saved through the generations.
Dorothy was not specific as to exact dates and pieces,

but it is evident in their designs. She had taken great care of her Mother Eleanore and I know she loved her Grandmother Anna as well. Dottie's closet was dated by decades.As sad as I was to have to sort through the things she had collected and enjoyed through her life and the lives of these women before her, it was really interesting to piece together the puzzle of her past and what was deemed cherish-able.

I chose the Blue pieces  to journal because that was their favored color amongst the three,  it matched their eyes. I know my camera and photography skills are in need of improvement, but I must push through my limitations and hope that the thoughts are enough.

I would like to see these Blue eyed lovelies remembered,cherished and appreciated for their similarities and their differences. They all had fine qualities. Each of these women were different and very individual, still chosen and woven together with lovely shades of undeniable Blue....I am so glad my youngest lovely daughter Makinsee carries on the Blue. She too is as dazzling and individual as the Blue eyed lovelies before her.
I know Makinsee is happy to have her  Big Blues...
I tell her often I would love to swim in them.
It will be fun to see if the Blues continue on in our posterity.
As much as I love our Family tree of pictures and  eclectic bobbles of bygone eras, the golden threads that weave and bind us together is our relationships, love and the sweet memories to cherish and share with those that continue to come forward and keep the links of our Family Chain strong ,bonded and forever eternal.         These are definitely...My Kinda Blues...............


  1. Now, this is something you don't see every day - a tribute to the mother-in-law...and beyond!
    Love your blue theme, but my favorite part is "...the golden threads that weave and bind us together..." How Beautiful!
    And your daughter is simply lovely!

  2. What a nice trek through your family history.
    I love the photos and your daughter does have beautiful blues!

  3. Wowsa! Those are some incredible blue eyes! What a legacy to have!! All of those women and your daughter are GORGEOUS! Truly a blessing to have that jewelry! It reminded me last year when I was able to go through my grandmother's jewelry box and pick out pieces to keep for myself. AMAZING post my friend! -Suzanne

  4. We sure don't take pictures like tose anmore! Gorgeous! You know, you might just need to dress up your daughter & have her wear some of those pieces & have a family portrait with you or even with just her dad & store the pictures together.

    Yes...her eyes (& all of her) are just gorgeous! :)

  5. Hi: Your Mothers are indeed beautiful. What a special thing to have the very jewels they once wore. Your daughter is stunning. Blessings, Martha

  6. Hi Brandi!
    You are something else! You should be writing for a living. You are so articulate and eloquent! I wish I had your gift. Most of all my dear, your heart and soul are huge. I just love how much you cherish your family!

    I agree it is a blessing to have these kinds of pictures and treasures around to pass down and keep for your children to remember their ancestors. It is only with our help that we can link the past and present together for them. It is so important to take the time to talk about those that went before us. We need to do it now, before it is too late or the memories are gone.
    I just adore all the family photos from my parents. I love the ones of their parents and families. I feel like it is a link to the past that helps me understand what my ancestors were about and to better understand who I am. Pictures speak 1000 words. I hope to pass on this appreciation to my daughter. Who knows, one day the photos we are in today hopefully will be cherished by the next generations of our families. I hope we make them proud!

    Thanks for another inspiring post. It makes me want to pull out all my old family photos and reminisce!
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Another fabulous post my friend! How amazing that you have all of these wonderful photos and treasures from the past!

    You are such a wonderful writer and I feel as if I'm sitting with you enjoying a nice cup of coffe and having a wonderful conversation with you.

    Your daughter Makinsee is is stunning and how wonderful that she got the blue eyes that you so fondly speak of!

    Hope your week is off to a fabulous start.

    Much love and hugs,

  8. You daughter is simply beautiful but it is little wonder with the line from which she hails. Hope Diamonds of the first waters the lot of them, stunning bright and blue.
    Warm regards

  9. Beautiful words and such stunning jewellery. xx

  10. I love this post. So wonderful that you do have all these special pieces and photos from the past. Love old photos especially ones like these.
    Take care

  11. ~Beautiful Post~
    I think Mak looks like them all in one way or another, very pretty Girl you have there.Even in the pics you can tell how beautiful their crystal clear blues are.

    I have your treat ready to go today.I got a lil off track.My Grammy called for a lunch date and I couldn't pass it up.Can't wait for you to get it! Chow 4 now~Kim

  12. I enjoyed visiting the past with you. Brought back many memories. Lovely women, and your daughter is beautiful. This even made me feel special, since I also have blue eyes, like my Mothers. :-)

  13. So beautiful! What a gift you have to weave all these elements into one thought. I love your passion for geneology and family ties..
    I'm confident our paths will cross one of these days!! hopefully soon!

  14. Such lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing these.

  15. Aw, what a beautiful post and such beautiful pictures too. I love family history and especially treasure old family photos. So lovely! You've really brought a smile to my face with this post. :)

    The jewelry is stunning too. I wear my beloved grandmas engagement ring with my own and I love having a little piece of her with me every day.

  16. Mrs. Queen B'~ Bonjour! Back to U, Thanks soooo much for being so supportive with my blog and passing peeps on.Your a special person ~Hearts to you~

    Your treat is on it's way.I had 1 more thing but I couldn't get it in the box, I was afraid it might break.I will save it for another day.I am off to have lunch with my Gram.Chow 4 now~Kim

  17. What a beautiful tribute to the women in your family's history. Now you are leaving your own legacy.

    Thanks for stopping by my place! Hope to see you again.


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