Friday, January 8, 2010

Have I done any good in the world today?

This New Year has brought me a deeper understanding of just how fragile things are in the World. At the same time, windows into people's lives have been opened up to me, where I have had a chance to view their concerns, hopes, dreams,struggles,passions,worries,challenges and yes even triumphs. In learning a little about myself, I know I am a fixer, or I at least try to be. I have come to understand that the key for me is to be a good listener rather than focusing on trying to fix what ever issue of need is at hand. A dear friend of mine recently shared her desires of living in the tropics, as I am doing and the thoughts of island living seemed to lift her spirits and bring her glimmering hopes of  fresh and exciting chapters on the horizon.
Our 25+ years of sharing our lives together is a precious jewel to me. She is a few years my Senior, we met when I was 18 and I knew it all!! Where do I begin to try describe this Regal Beauty of Style,Grace,compassion for others and a fierce ability to slay the Dragons that flew into her life . She knew who she was and I loved that about her. I remember a time when I was still in my late teens and we were going out for the evening somewhere very elegant and I felt unsure of myself,she quickly calmed my fears and said"Bran, just walk in like you own the place"! I followed her lead many a time, never failing me...
I grew up with her, when my husband first met her, he understood me, much better.
She taught me a lot about my inner beauty and self worth.Her head start over me in life was definitely in my favor. I tried to learn from her mistakes that she shared with me rather than repeat them.I have found that in moments of sweet triumphs in my life , I want to share them with her first. She has blessed my life, just by sharing her life with me and loving me unconditionally.
I met her through a co-worker in the Beauty business, I have been a licensed Hair Stylist since 1981 and I am currently still,. She was looking to hire a few people and my friend invited me to come along and interview with her.Well that was the beginning of our adventures in life together, we were roommates ,sisters,friends and co -workers too.We spent many days walking the beaches of Laguna trying to figure out the keys to happiness in life...our time on the ocean is where we are at home and find peace.
We reflected a lot on the poem " footprints" during those years of walking on the beach together. It's still a favorite.
My point to sharing this precious jewel of a friend with you is that through our last conversation by cell, I felt so helpless being so far away.....remember I'm a fixer......not that being in the same room with her meant I could of changed anything for her and she wasn't needing me to fix anything either. It was just the love and support you feel when people you care about are burdened. I ended our chat with a request for her to check her in box on her email.....this was all I sent
her name in the sand, it's not the clearest photo, it was taken from my cell phone,but it was my Aloha to her, and she loved it...I hope it was something good in her world... love you Sharon....


  1. Hello Sweet Friend!

    How wonderful to have such a long and special relationship with such a dear friend. The quality of our life is really dictated by the people we share it with and the lessons we learn from each other. Thank you for sharing this and your photo and the sweet gesture to your friend brought tears to my eyes. You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside...such a rare quality.

    Once again, I am so thankful that our paths crossed and too bad that they didn't when you were here in California...who knows...I have and still do spend a lot of time walking along the waves of Laguna Beach, perhaps our paths crossed at one of those moments.

    Happy weekend Sweet Friend, I hope it's full of love and special times for you!


  2. That was a special Tribute to your friend, how Sweet was that.

    I made it to TJ's today and Yep, I found your Nuts......They are Delightful! You will be so excited to get your treat.I keep saying just one more that's all.

    I could use a lil Sunny weather these days.It is so wet and grey here.Ugh! I know spring is just around the corner and that is my favorite time of year....well not really I really love all the seasons.I think it would be hard for me to live where it was warm all the time, but maybe not I might enjoy it.

    I will get your treat out on Monday Whoo~hoo!

  3. That was just a really touching, and beautiful tribute to a wonderful friend! You are so blessed to have her in your life (as you already know!. Those types of friends don't "walk down the beach" (wink) everyday.

    I came over to say "Hello" - I saw that you visited my blog and I absolutely LOVE making new friends!

    My daughter is currently on your Island attending BYU and working at the PCC. She loves it there - but who wouldn't, it is beautiful!

    Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to visiting your blog again:D


  4. What a great post! I can see why your friend liked the photo you sent to her.


    Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a sweet post.

    Thanks so much for following and your sweet comments. I followed your blog and look forward to getting to know you in 2010


  6. I love the name in the sand! Why is seeing your name in the sand always so peaceful and lovely? You are such a good friend. I am sure you have done something wonderful for her, even though you did not fix her problem. -Suzanne

  7. "Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?"
    Oh, sweetie, I have a feeling you do good in the world EVERY day!
    You and your friend are blessed to have found each other, for friends come and go, but your friendshio seems cemented for life.
    I love the way you describe your relationship: "...that was the beginning of our adventures in life together." Beautiful!
    I've only just met you, but it seems I've known you for a long time. I hope we have many "adventures" of our own.

  8. That is so sweet, you are both lucky to have each other.

  9. Hi Brandi,
    Such a beautiful post, as are all of yours. You are beautiful on the inside and out! We are so lucky if we can be blessed with one good friend in life. Someone who is a constant in your life and you know you can always count on, that will always be there for you and you would do the same. You my friend are blessed.
    You are right about just listening. We as women, mothers, friends are always trying to Fix things and make them better. Sometimes, the best gift of all is just being there. Knowing you have someone who cares and cares to listen, truly listen with genuine interest is a special gift to give someone.
    Thanks for reminding us that it is sometimes just enough to be there and listen. Thanks for inspiring me to be a better friend and listener. After all, isn't that all we want and need is to know someone is there to love us and validate who we are, to celebrate the highs and ride the lows with us and share every ordinary day together?
    I think I will go call my friend and tell her I love her today. Thanks for inspiring me.
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. that was just lovely..i really enjoyed it..

    thanks for stopping by farmhouse to visit..i'll be following you along too...

    i'll be back soon


  11. Such a LOVELY tribute and speaks highly of you as a friend as well. I am not sure why my dang posts won't update but who cares, I was off line for a while. Apparently my hubby who is a computer technician manager felt no need to put me back on line in a rush. If I didn't love that man, I'd have hired someone to fix the computer sooner to insult him = P

    I am happy that you share your personal journey with me. I do learn much after reading small snippets of how everyone views life. I am not a huge fan of Facebook as most people air their dirty laundry and grumble and complain on there. Facebook itself is a great tool to reconnecting and connecting with people you know. On the blogs, most people genuinely discover who they are and help others with or ask for advice.

    I can see you are a very thoughtful and caring RS teacher through your posts. You are definitely a mom who loves and cherishes her family. What a beautiful gift to them! I know they appreciate it as evident in Travis serving. What's the update on his situation? Please keep me informed about his missionary details.

    Glad to be back reading the Queen adventures! Can you send some of that sunny and humid weather my way?? Waking up to below zero every morning kinda stinks = P


  12. What a big heart you've got. I'm so very pleased to make your acquaintance and I will call here from time to time to see how you keep.
    Every happiness to you and yours.
    Warmest regards,

  13. What a sweet tribute to your friend. I cherish my girlfriends too! ANd hold those few dear ones close to my heart. Your story made me smile & so happy for you that you have what I find a lot of people are still looking for ~ a friend as close as a sister. You two are blessed indeed!

  14. I would be thrill to know my dear friend still had me in her thoughts after I hung up. You did good!

    Thank you for your visit and kind words today...aha, did good a few times today!
    Lynea :0)


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