Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In Perseverance; thunder crashes, sails billow, waves toss the fragile boat. We see that the clouds are about to break. The sea will calm; the sailor's perseverance will soon be rewarded by a return to God's safe heaven. Perhaps this painting can assure each of us that if we can simply persevere, God's hand of love will soon disperse each storm.

- Thomas Kinkade

I happen to own this painting in my Art collection..., I love it! I was first drawn to this piece because of my love for the sea and sailing with my Father.So it has a double meaning for me.. It seems to me that our lives are very much like the boat in this painting, if you look very closely on the back of the boat it is named Faith, and you can see the light inside of the boat and it has a glow. When you have the painting under a dimmer light, depending on the bright light or a low light determines if the boat is sailing into a storm at sunset or sailing out of a storm at daylight... I just love it, aren't we all sailing in or out of storms in our lives? It is not the storm that is important, but how we weather it...right? The rub in life seems to be that none of us really ever want to be in a storm.Clear weather and calm seas is the forecast I like! If all we ever get is good weather, how will we grow?, how will be be able to "Persevere" and become stronger,heartier,deeper, someone of substance.?
Now, I don't go looking for storms either, but you know as well as I do that a storm is bound to show up sometime!! so....
 I hope you will consider" Perseverance" in your next storm...I have this painting hung where I can look at it everyday in my room. You know, I am writing this blog for my Children and their posterity so that  maybe, they will get to know a little bit about me through my eyes and thoughts and feelings about life and my love for them. I wonder who will end up with this Painting of mine, years from now? I hope they have a chance to read this post in my published memoirs of my personal's on my" List",then they will know a little more about what is behind this simple painting of a boat and the Sea and what it meant to me.
Did I mention that when I brought my husband to look at the painting at the T.K. Gallery he bought it on the spot for me? He knew my love for sailing and for my Dad, so he didn't hesitate. Thank You Al for loving me enough to honor me with this painting...I Love You

So here is the essay I wrote about my Father that was published in my College literary magazine,THE DELTA WINDS,San Joaquin Delta College,CA. I was just happy to pass the class, never thought this would be my first publishing, and hopefully not my last! I am honored to share it with you...Aloha


  1. A wonderful story, your Dad was blessed by your love.

  2. Oh how sweet is James~ I love mac nuts love them, I haven't seen the almonds at Trader Joe's but I am going to get right over there and look for those bad boys.I'm with you I am so a foodie as well~I want to eat may cals not drink them.Great tip for the bubbly water I am also off to get me some of that juice.

    I have the best tea for iced very cool and refreshing.I will send you some with your treat!

    I love the Sea as well though the only Beach I have been to is Oreogn and Cali.Hope to travel to Hawaii soon.I want to go to a quiet simple lil place not all busy.

    Love the story about your T/K paintings very special. My mother owns two of his paintings and loves him.They are beautiful.

    So send me over your addy and I will send you your treat~my email is I promise not to be in the pkg LOL...............Chow~Kim

  3. Oh Sweet Friend...this post touches me on so many levels. First of all I am a big fan of Thomas Kincade's work and the one you featured today is so beautiful. I love how you spoke about it and what it means to you.

    Your words that you write this blog for your children so that they will get to know a little bit about you through your eyes and thoughts and feelings about life and your love for brought tears to my eyes.

    We have many things in common my friend, I too lost my dad suddenly to a heart attack and your story made me think of many happy times with my dad, thank you for sharing your lovely memory of your dad.

    I too used to work in real estate and sold estate properties and I saw in your article that you also attended cosmetology school as did I. How crazy is that?

    I'm so happy that our paths crossed and I'll add you to my blog roll so I can do a better job of keeping in touch with you!

    I just adore your kind, sweet and gentle spirit!

    Love and hugs,

  4. Hello Brandi darling, I do hope you had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year and that 2010 turns out to be the best year of your life, followed by many more. Thanks for all your visits and sweet comments; you are a dear friend...a treasure.

    Love & Hugs

  5. Hi Brandi,
    It is so wonderful to learn about our blog friends through such magical postings! I am so sorry to hear you lost your father to a heart attack. I lost my father in what will be 2 years ago in May. I can understand your pain, especially now that we know how close you were to him. It is wonderful that you show your children how to love their parents through the example YOU have set from the love and admiration you had for your father. How sweet. I hope your kids know how lucky they are to have such a caring and spiritual mother. I am sure they are people are special as you are.

    Your story you wrote definitely says so much about who you are and the relationship you shared with him. Writing that article was your creative expression of your love for him. It is great way to help heal from the hurt of his loss. I have seen others use their creativity to honor those they have lost. It is really cathartic. There is a blog called The Middlest sister. Libbie did a post about the shirts she took of her brother in law's and made them into pillows. You should check it out. It is so sweet...and a great blog :)
    My daughter and I felt that way when my dad died. We make and sell necklaces with a hearts with wings. They signify someone you love flying to heaven and also signify loss. Even deeper, signifying those who have been defeated by heart disease. The other side has a picture of the loved one you lost. There are pictures on my blog.

    My dad suffered from it for almost 10 years. He had 4 strokes and a heart attack. They told us after the heart attack he probably wouldn't make it through the night.He did and he ended up living another year(in a nursing home) bed ridden, but he fought to stay with us. It was definitely a big storm in my life and my mom's. My husband and I went to see him every day and my daughter spent all the time she could. Our visits were all he had to look forward to. It was terrible to see the heart disease take away his memory. He suffered pretty bad dementia and was always confused and didn't really know who we were.
    My father in law died of a fatal heart attack in his sleep. He played golf with his buddies the day before and didn't see it coming. While, he died 20 years sooner than my dad, at least he did not have 10 bad years and he did not suffer. I hope it is of some comfort to you to see that your dad didn't suffer either. Only those left behind did.

    I hope that storm is over for you. May there be blue skies for you in your life and if there is an occasional cloud may you look at it like a small obstacle in your beautiful life.

    I look forward to hearing more about you and your family through your beautiful postings. I now see why you have such a strong connection to that painting. Others may look at it and dismiss it, while for you it is so much more. Thanks for your insight about perseverance, love and admiration.

  6. This is such a beautiful post! I love that painting!

    Also, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I appreciate it.

  7. It's a superb painting. And sailing the seas is such a great metaphor for life. Love the light!!

  8. You are such a wonderful, inspiring writer! Thank you for the beautiful, uplifting metaphor...

  9. un beau blog et de belle photo sur la mer
    bonne soirée et à bientôt

  10. What an inspirational post ... about an inspirational painting. I love the way you described both the light and how the painting looks different in dimmer light. Perspective is often so important - and I think your example really illustrates this. Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. This post is simply beautiful; the painting is the perfect accompaniment to your prose. I know that Thomas Kincade is not popular with art critics, but I love his works - they speak of HOME and INSPIRATION and WARMTH and BEAUTY and LOVE. I look at the paintings in the homes of some very intelligent and influential persons and I say..."Huh? What in the world is that? And what's trying to say?" Give me Thomas Kincade any old day!
    I read the essay you wrote about your father; another beautiful piece. Your love and admiration shine throughout both pieces. But I think my favorite part of all this is found in your profile for that essay - you want to work in a maternity ward so you can
    "be where miracles happen every day." How touching!
    Just stopped by to say thanks for visiting my blog, but I'm sure I'll be back to visit you often!
    PS - Your husband looks enough like my brother that they could be twins!

  12. My mom owns a Thomas Kincade too & I do Love looking at it! Hers is more like the life here in MN - a busy street with a little snow falling :)

    I can't wait to continue reading about your life on the Island from my frozen Tundra :)

  13. Thank you for dropping by and leaving your sweet comment. I love making new friends, especially in the blog world. You live in HAWAII!!! Oh, how blessed you are!! I really enjoyed your post on perseverence today. I feel like I am fighting my own storms right now, my husband is fighting the "no work to do" storm. What a blessing you have given me today! For that, I thank you! -Suzanne

  14. Hi: Thank you for visiting my blog. I have read your and you sound like a very interesting lady. I love that you are blogging for your children. I wishing you God's best for this coming year. Martha

  15. I love your painting and your description of it. What wonderful memories you have of your Father. Thanks for sharing them. You have such a beautiful family. I will be back to read more about your happy life.

  16. Beautiful painting and really touching post. I live near Monterey, CA and we have a Thomas Kincade National Archive here, but I have never been. You say you are writing this for your parents read my blog and find they are discovering a whole new me.
    Holly @ 504 Main

  17. Hello!

    Just wanted to tell you that I have been listening to your music for over 2 hours now, some wonderful choices on there :)

    Lovely to discover your blog, am off to explore it now!

    Best wishes from London, England :)

  18. What a beautiful story! I loved reading it! You have a gift for writing. I bet your photography will be just as beautiful!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

    Take care,

  19. We use to have his gallery here in Atlanta but it is no longer at the Mall. I love his paintings and I liked your post today. Thanks for sharing and if you can be so kind please send us some warm weather today:)

  20. Your dad is surely smiling down upon you this day. Such a beautiful story!


  21. So happy that you joined my site so I could find your lovely blog and follow you.
    Love this post and especially your sharing your article about your dad. This was such a great piece of you and your dad to share with all of us.
    I am looking forward to getting to know you this coming new year.
    Thanks again
    I love your slide show


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