Saturday, May 22, 2010

Makinsee's May Day

May Day here in Hawaii is a wonderful opportunity for the Youth to Celebrate in Native Polynesian Dance and also other cultures as well.
My youngest daughter Makinsee participated with her class in representing the Island of Hawaii.
Their colors and flowers are all very traditional.
Her lei and head piece were hand done and the flowers and plants come from the Volcano on Big Island.
We have  truly loved being part of our heritage, I feel really honored and blessed for my children to have the opportunity to know their roots.The best way for me to Honor my Father,and his Mother,my Kapuna(Grandmother) and her Mother is to teach and share with my daughters.

Hawaii is my heart, no matter where I am...
All My Aloha


  1. Aw what a beautiful daughter and post. Loved stopping by here and catching up...I have missed you.
    It is wonderful for you to be able to honor your dad and grandmother in teaching your children their roots.
    Hope your doing well

  2. I noticed I was not signed in under my site so I came back in case you would wonder who Maggie is. lol
    I also wanted to tell you how beautiful her flowers are in her hair.

  3. Aloha My Sweet Friend~I have missed you as well! I know it's been crazy busy here as well, what is going on! I want it to STOP!

    I love May Day myself. How fun and what a special day. You 3 are just beautiful.

    Baby Ryder is doing so well and is already 2 Months.Time is flying by with him.I will post new pics soon.~Cheers Kim Thanks for the sunshine we could use it here.

  4. Hi there...been wondering about you. Your daughter is so beautiful, she has such gorgeous eyes! Love her flower too. It is so wonderful that you can be there and put all of that deep into your childrens souls too. It will mean so much to them. Come say hi :D

  5. Her head piece is beautiful. I'm sure the May dance was also gorgeous!

  6. Hi: Glad to hear from you. Your daughter is stunning. How proud you must be. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  7. You have the most beautiful daughter! But I suppose you already know that. :-)

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. Sounds like a fabulous day and what a lovely daughter you have! xx

  9. ... and what a wonderful heritage it is! Also, I didn't know the true meaning of Aloha -beautiful!

  10. Oahu, Aloha...
    May day is great and so many parts of Hawaii, my brother lives in Oahu he is known for the pirate painting all over his Harley's and car's etc. I know you guy's ride as well, what a beautiful place to ride and live. Hoping to make it over there soon for a family visit!!
    Your daughters are beautiful as you are as well.

    see you soon!

  11. bonjour brandi
    de magnifiques traditions et je trouve votre fille sublime, j'espère qu'un jour je visiterai Hawaï et je viendrai prendre un café chez
    à très bientôt

  12. Hi Maggie,
    Just found your blog. Your daughter is beautiful and I love your blog.
    Happy Sunday!

  13. What a wonderful and beautiful tradition!

    Makinsee is as beautiful as her name. I had to enlarge the picture of the headdress - what is that gorgeous red flower?

    Good to have you back!

  14. Thanks for sharing your family and the tradition for May Day. The flowers/leaves in the lei and headpiece are beautiful. I'm sure it was something to see - maybe someday I'll get there.


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