Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It has been a whirlwind trip to drop off my son Travis and we are all home safe and sound. The weather is a cool 70 degrees and a lovely breeze greets me through the palm trees.
I missed the ocean being so far from it in Idaho and Utah.

I had to get right in the water, it was clear and warm, the water is very healing here. I think it has a lot to do with the Aloha Spirit in the Islands.

Did you know that when the Islanders use to greet people, they would put their forehead against yours and you would  breathe in at the same time. It was to breathe in part of your spirit and share theirs with you.

I love the Spirit of Aloha and all that it stands for, it is in the breeze, the crash of the waves. the quiet reverence of the emerald green mountains..the air is filled with Aloha.
The sound "Ahhh" is the appreciation for breath..,.Alo means the presence of God with us and "ha "means breath, Hence the forehead to forehead custom.

I have just shared with you one of the secrets of Aloha......
Aloha Nui Loa


  1. Sounds to me like you will never leave there..and I wouldn't want to either. I have never heard that about ALOHA..very beautiful! I went to church once while there and I loved how, first thing, everyone said Aloha. Glad you got that handsome son off and all went well. Come say hi :D

  2. What a beautiful custom and thank you for sharing it's meaning with us as I for one did not know of this custom.
    I imagine you will miss your son very much,but take comfort in knowing the work he is doing.

  3. How fascinating...and beautiful. I, too, had never heard of the tradition or the origin of Aloha.

    I know you're missing Travis, but you're also so proud of what he has chosen to do. I'm sure he'll do a world of good here on the mainland, and he'll deserve a hero's welcome when he comes back home.


  4. God gave the Hawaiian people the most beautiful part of this earth!!

  5. Bittersweet - seeing your son leave the nest, but having such a beautiful 'nest' awaiting your return. I just can't image living in such an amazing place as Hawaii.

  6. I'm thrilled your home safe and sound proud mama. What a beautiful explanation and tradition of Aloha. Sounds like you've fallen hard for the islands....truly home to ya'll. I sure can't say I'd miss the winters! I'll be sure and keep Travis in my prayers.

    Ya'll have a marvelous Mother's Day filled with warm sunny blessings!!!

  7. Hey Girlfriend!
    I've missed you!!! I'm glad you are back safe and sound. I will be thinking of Travis and keep him in my prayers to stay safe.I just wanted to drop by and wish you a Happy Mother's day!!
    See you soon!

  8. Hey sweetie, I was just checkin' in on ya. Hope you have a beautiful weekend!!!

  9. I just stopped by - I hope you are off on some wonderful trip.


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