Tuesday, February 9, 2010


 This is my girl!!! I owned her for two wonderful years!!
Of all the cars I have owned, this one is my favorite. she drove like a dream...
As you started her up,she would growl with her deep rumbling pipes, preparing you for an assured adventure on the open road. 
She was flashy and always attracting a positive energy. It was often that I would get a thumbs
up as passing cars would give there salute of admiration as a kind of payment for a glimpse of her beauty.  I think I would of loved a lot about the 50"s!!
She just screamed kool!! 
I felt wonderful behind her wheel, timeless, classic and just pure style.... 
I gave any and all who wanted a spin in her a ride , I felt very generous with her, I knew she was a blessing and
I am all for sharing the JOY!

My Husband drove this 56 Chevy Truck,
he did not let anyone drive it!

This was his favorite too! It was a time of "Sweet Rides" for the both of us.
My eldest son took both cars to the high school for the year book photos.
He somehow felt like they were his too!! at 16 who wouldn't?
These cars went with our new Business!
We bought this building from a local bank and remodeled it from an old mexican restaurant
to  a very kool Diner!

We lived another dream opening this restaurant...
but we worked so many hours that our family time was gone.
None of my children miss the business, they also worked  and lived it with us.

We lived up in a canyon during our brief stay

in Idaho, so driving her along the country roads was truly nostalgic...here are a few pictures of our home on the hill.
This is our country cottage on 3 acres in Sugar Creek
out in Cub River, Idaho

This is Sugar Creek that runs through the base of the property.
We only lived here  just under 2 years. 
We really do not miss the cold, but it was beautiful.
Nothing like the living in the country, I do miss my horses and the easy breezy country days.


It was fun to give it a go in the restaurant biz, I think we miss our cars the most!!
My Caddy went to Belgium on sale through Ebay and Al's truck sold to Colorado .
We knew that Hawaii was not a place for classic cars with all of the salt air!.
Moving everything to Hawaii was very expensive, so we said goodbye to the cars.
There is a season for everything, if I have learned one thing it is that "THINGS" come and go
but "Families are Forever".
people have questioned us for moving a few times in the last 5 years. Aren't we worried about the kids?
How  will they adjust? and the questions kept coming?
We felt that we are willing to take risks as long as we are in sync as a family.We never made decisions
without a family council and lots of prayer.

We are California natives,we are both from Northern Cal, but I was raised in Southern Cal.
When the Real Estate slumped in Calif in 05, we relocated to Idaho to try a new business in a new
climate and a better economy or so we thought?. It just was not for us, but we did follow through with our goals and the finished product was very desirable. It was through our blood ,sweat and hard cold cash that we knew we wanted something else!!
Isn't that always the way, only after hard work do we come out the other side knowing what we do and do not want  ?
We knew that we did not want to live in the snow! We knew we wanted,
preferably the warm sun, ocean water and if we had to do any struggling, let it be in Paradise!
Many lessons were learned from our move to Idaho.Our best friends moved their as well. It was hard to leave them since we had never lived in the same town before. They have found a peaceful life there
and we are so happy for them. We also  still have family that is sprinkled all over Cache Valley.
It was a memorable experience and it is what catapulted us to Hawaii. For that I will always be
grateful for our "RIDE" through Idaho and ALOHA!!




  1. How brave you and your family are to pick up and move and try something new!

    You've been nominated for an award...stop by my place to see!

  2. It's fun to get to know you better! I love the old cars and I admire you for following your dreams and starting a business.
    I have to tell you that my husband and I are native Northern Californians and we moved to Idaho. Does this mean our retirement might be in Hawaii if we follow you footsteps :D
    Your family sound like adventurers who do not mind change as long as you are together - That is awesome. I enjoyed your post!!

  3. I bet you turned more then a few head in that car.lol I still have my '68 skylark convertible, don't know what I'm saving it for. It's not like I can give it to one child and not the others.lol

    Have a great evening,

  4. Dear Your Majesty,
    You are soooooo kind to come to visit me so quickly! I just posted! Do you have horses? My favorite creature of all time! Happy Valentine's Day Madame! Anita

  5. lol, I think we were writing each other at the same time. Thank you for the encouragement. I still have a dream or two up my sleeve. I won't work there forever..and I don't think they would want me to.lol

  6. Oh Sweet Friend...we are so connected in so many ways! Although I have never had the pleasure of owning one, your car is my dream car! What a beauty and I loved reading about your experience with her!

    How wonderful that you have lived out so many of your dreams and your diner looks so cute! Yes, the restaurant biz is A LOT OF HARD WORK, but so glad you got to experience it.

    Now life has led you to a slice of paradise in beautiful Hawaii where you can spend more time with your family.

    Love and hugs,

  7. WOW! That is so admirable that you made the most out of your situation and followed your dreams. People talk about doing things and you all just did it! What have you got to lose, right? You have your faith and family, life is a highway. With your cool rides, why not??

    I'm encouraged by the dreams of others, especially good women who are fearless. YOU. GO. SISTAH. Mahalo for sharing = )


  8. I am soo bugged that you havent been showing up on my reader! I have missed many of yours and May's posts.. I am ashamed! :(

    I am drooling over those cars! I love the old ways of life.. and the cars are beautiful!!!

    One thing that is nice.. is I am sure they are loved. Stuff like that is usually taken really good care of.

    Even though things may have not worked out for you.. you followed your dreams.. accomplished goals.. and tried new things. I think those are all GREAT things to teach your children. ~ And the more you move.. the more friends you make! :)

    Too fun that you are in Hawaii. I just would like to make it a goal to get there before I die. Is that good??

    I always LOVE and appreciate your comments on my blog. Sorry I haven't been a very good blog friend! :( Forgive me?
    Have a great week!

  9. une très belle voiture et les cheveux sont magnifiques, j'adore tout ce beau décor
    bonne journée

  10. Your love for your car is fabulous! x

  11. Change is good! I embrace change often.Beautiful life you left behind, but if it wasn't for you then change was needed.It's good to be adaptable in life.Enjoy~Kim

  12. A great tie-up-loose-ends kind of a post, Hon. Giving background on your life... Before being in beautiful Hawaii.

    Having had the original 1967 Firebird, for lots of years, I understand your love of your classic car. 'Course, I had mine, way before it was considered a 'classic,' but she was always a 'classic' to me.

  13. How I loved hearing about your life! I can see the similarities between us and the paths we have taken. And yes, dear Queen B, I will take that race with you.. hee hee...especially seeing as your light is on and all...xx

  14. Who was it that said "Life is but a daring adventure, or nothing at all"? Thank you for sharing some of your journey - it's exhilarating to embrace change and celebrate different seasons in your life. Meredy xo.

  15. Well if your post could not be a more timely bit of wisdom for me to read. Divine intervention perhaps? It was such a pleasure to read about your experiences and I will take much to heart. I grew up in Seattle, lived in San Diego, Las Vegas, and now in Houston. We have never truly been happy here although we have discovered some very special people. We are so strapped financially (job loss, drastic reduction of income, you name it..it's happened) that we need to find some peace and a sliver of happiness. If I've learned anything recently is that life is so short. My mom died Jan. 1st & it's really opened my heart and mind. I'm not sure how my children would react if we decide to move. Two children in Portland,OR & two in Washington State. I will keep you posted. If you two can part with those sweet vehicles, I can too. Thank you Queen B xx

  16. Great post !
    Life is full of all kinds of adventures if we are open to them and you sure have had some interesting ones. Thanks for sharing a peek into your spirit for life.

  17. Great Post!! Those cars are fabulous! Looking forward to the next Royal Post ....

    Happy thoughts!

  18. Oh my a chariot fit for a queen. You my dear are proof positive that a life lived well is its own reward. I'm so very glad to know you and your bright uplifting attitude. You are a true joy and I wish you continued success.
    All my best,

  19. What fond memories you have. We are blessed that you have shared them with us. I had a Rambler Station Wagon named Daisy Mae while I was in college. I just loved that car not because it was so cool or sporty but because it was so useful. I could fold up the back and have an extra seat for more sorority sisters. We folded all back seats down once and stole a frats English Wolfhound for ransom. It was handy for movin' most anything or anybody. Yep, a good car it was.

    Ya'll have a terrifically blessed day!!!

  20. We moved about 14 times in 10 yrs,mainly because John was in the army,so the children and I followed,as army families do.When we settled back in England we did not like it and when John finished his army life we moved here ,Ireland.We love Ireland and have no wish to move again,our children are settled here ,married and have children.
    We have travelled the world,which was fun,but this is where are hearts are.
    I love the photographs of your car and the horses.The picture of the stream with the mountain in the back drop could have been taken here,it is so like our landscape.

  21. Your Majesty, wishing you a love filled Valentine’s Day, full of laughter, good food and great company.

    Love & Hugs

  22. Hey,

    I don understand how I missed coming here all these days..... I suck many a times..... A total duh!!!! most of the times..... Thanks for sharing your love on my post deary..... I am sorry for missing on your space.... My bad!!!

    Hey u enjoyed great rides..... They are simply masterpieces..... Beautiful & comfortable....

    Kindly accept & collect your TOFAS from my space...... Thank You,

    Happy Valentines Day!!!!


  23. je passe te souhaiter une bonne journée et te souhaiter une joyeuse st Valentin
    bisou et à bientôt

  24. What a wonderful post! I love getting to know my blogger friends a little better with each post, makes us all a little closer!
    Also love the first song on you playlist, 'At Last" by Etta James was my wedding song and will always be one of my absolute favourites.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  25. Remember that old Ralph Edwards show, This Is Your Life? That's what I thought of when I read this post. I loved this! It speaks volumes of you and your family - how you raised them, the love you have for each other, how connected you are, the respect.

    This is my favorite part: "We knew we wanted,
    preferably the warm sun, ocean water and if we had to do any struggling, let it be in Paradise!"


    PS - The house you left behind in the snow looks EXACTLY like one here in my subdivision; in fact it is the one that sold us on our subdivsion. We had gotten recommendations from friends on three builders and checked out houses under construction by each of them. The builder we finally settled on was FAR superior in craftsmanship, and was building the house like yours; when we talked to him over the phone, he told us where we could see some of his work, gave us directions, and that's how we came to find the house and our town and lot! Even though he was building that house for someone else, and we already had our plans, we walked through the house and it was very nice.


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