Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Deep end of the Pool

I have to say that I use the analogy of a swimming pool in reference to life's issues that I experience.I have to dedicate this post to my dearest friend Holly M. She shared this gift with me for Valentines Day and I must say it left me with a desire to dog paddle a little longer in the deepest part of my pool of life. This book is not for those who hang out in the shallow end of the pool, although it may help you to have the courage to swim a little deeper!

She sent me this book, a true story of a Breast Cancer survivor...written by Kim Rives and found on
This true story is really thought provoking and certainly gives hope to all of us, especially those who have to walk the path of Cancer. I hope you will take the time to read Kim's story. I emailed her and told her that there was no way I could repay her for the knowledge of hope and Faith that she shares in her story, but that I would honor her story by sharing it with those I love.
I like to keep my word, so here it is
 this is my gift to all of you fabulous friends that share my blog world out there.I hope you take the opportunity to read about Kims experience with life and near death. It is life changing...or at the very minimum thought provoking!

All my Aloha


  1. How wonderful to here from you this morning because I have been trying to get over here to your site for days and have not been able to for one reason or another.
    I am at work and its strange but your post is somehow in your pretty side bar and I can not read it but I will come back tonight when I get home and try again.
    I so want to read what you have here and about this book.
    Thank you for coming by to see me.

  2. I will try to get this book,I have an Amazon Account,I am sure they will have it.
    Your previous post (rules ) was very interesting,we all want the best for our children and those of us that are caring parents can only do our best,by example.If a child is not set the right example or taught the right rules of life,what hope have they got.??
    i am and always have been true to my commitment to family life,of course they will make mistakes,but that is how they learn,with our love and experience,we can only hope they make the right choices in their own lives.God willing,they will.

  3. I will check this book out on Amazon since you say it is inspiring. Thanks for visiting my blog. I had no idea where the fortune cookies came from until I started to read up on them. We gave them as little party favors at my daughters wedding along with chop sticks. There are certain numbers that they type onto the little fortune sayings that are lucky numbers for certain things too. Live and Learn! Happy Chinese New Year.

  4. Aloha!!! How is Hawaii today??
    Beautiful? Warm? Ya.. I'm jealous.

    This book looks interesting.. I will have to check it out... When I feel like I have some time to "read."

    Whenever I come to your blog.. I always enjoy it's beauty. Your words.. your background.. and that darling bed! :)

    Thanks for always leaving me such kind and sweet comments! I am grateful we are friends through blogging! XO

  5. Aloha:
    You are the Queen I most favor; Oahu is the paradise I love too. I have not been since February 2009. Health issues have kept me stateside : ( yet I know I will end up back in paradise : )
    I lived in the Punch Bowl area and hope to come back and live maybe in Waikiki. You sound very positive and upbeat!!!
    I curtsy before the paradise Queen!!!
    Peace & Mahalo

  6. I love a good read! Will have to check this out! -Suzanne

  7. Aloha~Nice to hear from you.Hope your enjoying your company how fun and busy.

    I think I must get a copy of this book as well because when I'm in my deepest part of my pool I feel like I am drowning.........I must have it all wrong!I have to say there is something about Dog Paddling, it saved my life as a young Girl.I now can swim so a lil deeper won't hurt.XOX~Kim

  8. I am always inspired by the tales of other people and their strength. Thanks you for sharing this book.

  9. Wish I could go to those luncheons... I am a working woman now... on Tues & Thurs... so I can't ever go...

    how are you?

  10. Your capacity for the things that inspire and your willingness to spread charity and kindness makes you my dear a rarity.
    I'll be sure to look for Ms. Rives' book.
    You take care Queen B.

  11. Aloha Brandi,
    I always love coming here to read your posts. You have such a way of seeing life and sharing it with us and your posts are always so provocative.
    I read your last few posts as I have been a bad blog friend and haven't gotten a chance to come and visit you lately. I love hearing stories about your past experiences, you certainly have lived some interesting adventures! It's so neat to learn about others. The fact you have shared what you have learned through those experiences is so insightful. I didn't know you lived in Idaho and that you had a restaurant. It's wonderful you can say it wasn't for you but you found out by living out your dream.
    Most of us live our lives with much inaction only to wonder what if? You can answer that question and most importantly move on to try something else. You are truly living a fulfilled life. Anyone who questions what the impact of you moving several times on your children isn't looking at the positive side to this. Look at all the experiences you have given to them in such a short time, more than some experience in a lifetime. You are exposing them to so much of life lessons and teaching them flexibility. What a wonderful gift you are giving them!
    As far as the cold and the restaurant business, I don't think I would have wanted that either. You know I want to live in southern Cali and the restaurant biz is very demanding and one of the most grueling businesses to work in as owners. I'm glad you tried your dream, though.
    As far as swimming in the deep end, only those who have swam...or treaded water there can appreciate the shallow end sometimes. As they say whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I've treaded water in the deep end of few times in my life, as have most of us. It is very difficult and tiring. I look forward to having opportunities to stand up in the water in a spot where I can touch the bottom!! There do seem to be those who never even try to swim. I use the analogy of treading water, because I feel like I was thrown in the deep end and didn't know HOW to swim. I needed to just keep my head above water and find a way to get back to the shallow end. By the time I could put my feet down, I was staying in the shallow end was feeling very good. Next time I venture in the deep end, I would like to do it when I know how to swim. I also would like to swim into it, not be thrown. Unfortunately, that is not the way life works, we cannot chose the manner we are put in the deep end, the duration we are there, or if we will ever get out of it. Let's just say, I would like to take a few swimming lessons before I end up there again!!!!!
    Thanks for your great stories, as usual!
    Mahalo, my friend. Have a wonderful day!

  12. quel générosité et quel dévouement, je t'apprécie beaucoup pour ces qualités
    je te suit à la lettre
    bisou et à bientôt

  13. Stories of other's courage and strength help me remember to count my blessings and remind me that I can have courage and strength when trials come my way. Thank you for sharing.

  14. I will definitely put this one on my to read list. I just love a good inspiring story.

    I'm so envious of your weather! We have yet another snowstorm movin' in Monday. {SIGH!!!}

    God bless and enjoy your Saturday!!!


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